How to survive Christmas..and almost anything else!

This is based partly on a piece of advice my father has given me on a number of occasions, sometimes when I’ve been stressed out about packing up a house for a move or exams or whatever.

You just tell yourself from time to time that this time next week/next month/whatever time frame is involved, it will all be over; the things you worried about and stressed about won’t matter any more, because they are done with and are now just memories.

Put simply: This too will pass.

Christmas is just ONE day. It really it worth remembering this every time you get worried you haven’t done enough, bought enough, made enough….ENOUGH, it’s just one day. Whether its good or bad for you- one day. One day of twenty four hours like any other where you eat and sleep and visit the bathroom and so on. One day. Not any more magical or special than any other day of the year, any more than New Year’s Eve is somehow more powerful for making resolutions.

If there is any magic, it’s inside you and it’s there any day and every day. So go and be magical, wherever and whenever you are.

11 thoughts on “How to survive Christmas..and almost anything else!

  1. You just tell yourself from time to time that this time next week/next month/whatever time frame is involved, it will all be over.

    I agree and I like to remind myself of it when necessary.


    • My dad is very Zen at times, for an Englishman!
      I’m trying to get through this day of high winds; a big branch snapped off a pine tree on my way back from the post office earlier and landed not many feet away, putting the metaphorical wind up me and hastening me homewards. It’s got worse since and the high school next door to me is now letting students go hme; I can hear the screams of protest as poor sheltered little darlings whose famili DIDN’T come for them with a car, come face-to-face with the elements without the protection of vehicle, home or even sensible clothing. I went out in my new Qimmik headwear, guaranteed to minus 40 degrees, and capable of excluding everything but a small slit for the eyes, which can be covered by ski goggles….shame my coat was so inferior!


  2. I am feeling rather relaxed about it for a change and am looking forward to spending time away from the stresses of everyday life. My only slight worry is if the pending snowfall (hasn’t started here yet) will have a negative impact on my ability to get to heathrow tomorrow morning, which I have no control over anyway!!


  3. Yep, this too will pass. Sometimes it’s the only thing that get’s me through! I’m trying to figure out how to achieve indifference. I’m having some issues with it, but working through. “This too will pass,” is definitely one of those things that would calm me in the midst of anxiety—if I could only bring it to mind and pull it from the rafters while feeling the heat of the fire, you know?


    • I do know, only too well.
      I don’t think it’s indifference we seek so much as a mindful awareness of the transitory nature of all things human and earthly; to know that pain and pleasure will both pass teaches us not to hang onto them but to live in the moment while knowing there are moments beyond it. A true zen tightropewalk, if you like.
      Thanks for stopping by; I hope you find the peace you seek and have a peaceful(and maybe Merry) Christmas.


  4. Lately Christmas has been a hit and miss day for me. Two of the past four have found me in a Chinese university classroom giving lectures. When at home in Canada, the time is a gathering for the small clan, not about presents or one big meal, but several days of enjoying the opportunity to be together. This year we have all the children and grandchildren come for a minimum of three days with some getting to stay for five days. Next year, I will likely be back in China teaching.


  5. I am feeling very glum about the holidays. I actually love Christmas but I find it hard not to build it up into such a mental extravaganza that I feel I’ve crashed and burned after. Such build up for just a day. And yet the idea of no Christmas makes me sad.


    • Oh I agree. I always feel that sort of thing.
      We are often among the very last to put up any decorations and I often feel a bit better once the tree is up.


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