Solstice: Saluto Sol Invictus!

Solstice Dance

21st December 09


The year finally turns

Pirouetting en pointe

The Dancer meets the Dance:

I am renewed


I have been waiting for this day since the evenings began to creep in back in September; and yet, now it’s here, I feel no different. The poem isn’t a lie but it isn’t how I feel.  It may well be the truth, a statement of reality that I have to slowly wake up to. But the walk I had today, in woods and beach frozen and layered with snow, makes me feel that winter is still going to grip my soul a long while:

Solstice haikus

21st December 09


Snow on dark holly

Sunlight on ice, sparkling bright:

Lovely but  so bleak


Silence fills cold air

Crunching feet on frozen snow:

Stillness reigns again.

10 thoughts on “Solstice: Saluto Sol Invictus!

  1. “The beach frozen and layered with snow” What a description. I feel like I’m walking on it with you.

    The beach, where in my mind I feel is eternally warm, really gives off that winter feeling when it’s frozen and covered in snow, that’s for sure. I’m with you. I can only be cold for so long.


    • I didn’t take my camera with me as I actually thought the dog would step out the front door, put her paws on the snow and give me that look that says, “Are you out of your tiny human mind, woman?” so very clearly.
      It’s a fairly bleak sort of beach in the winter time, and still pretty deserted in the summer, because it’s north of the pleasure beach that attracts the grockles. I had a nice chat with an old guy I sometimes meets who has four big labradors, all from rescue centres, and it was good to hear of someone so devoted to his animals. My dog had her winter coat on, that only comes out when there is snow about; I don’t believe generally in dressing up dogs, but I think she was glad of it.
      More snow maybe tonight, but certainly ice. I can deal better with cold than with heat, usually, but there are times as I get older when the cold just hurts!
      have a peaceful and blessed Christmas!


  2. now look at you.
    you knew your immunities were low and you went out and caught haikus again!

    that bleak beach she walks
    cold air blows in from Japan
    she speaks their cadence

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!


  3. your haikus are sublime. i read with great interest your thoughts about the solstice and then your desciption of the walk you took. know what you mean. you write wonderful narrative. that last sentence you wrote – “winter is still going to grip my soul a long while” – resonated with me. it echoes my own sentiment and also my hope for warmer times.

    winter holds
    spring chained
    in a cave of ice
    forever, or
    maybe not.


    • Thank you. As opoetoo commented I catch haikus from time to time and then get stuck with them till the “virus” wears off; it’s better than catching limericks though!!


  4. “The dancer meets the dance.”

    This line will stay with me throughout the season, Viv. It captures the need to truly enter into the real movement of the time not merely act as spectator of another passing holiday. A dancer is committed. You cannot ever half-dance.

    funny thing when our poems are not what we feel at the moment. They foreshadow a feeling implicit that we still need to grow into. The poem is the gift from the muse that goads us on.



    • I’m glad it resonated with you +Anthony.
      I have often had the experience of writing something, either poem or fiction, only to have what I thought imaginary come to fruition and into this external reality. Weird. How does that occur?


    • And also to you. It’s milder here than almost anywhere in England, well above freezing. Off out shortly to midnight mass, one of the rare occasions I try to attend a service these days.
      Have a peaceful Christmas and I hope that next year is going to be a good one for you!


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