Normal service

….may be resumed before too long.

I’ve had a friend staying since New Year’s Eve and so, since the guest room is also my study, I have had very limited access to my pc. I’ve checked emails, using my husband’s laptop but I have done very little else. I was having withdrawal symptoms last night, so I am very glad to have my pc back, slower than a glacier with a bum hip though it might be. It’s mine and that’s what counts.

My camera decided to die on New Year’s day too, the screen failing to work. I’m a bit annoyed as it was a Christmas present last year and given the hassle the company gave my dad over problems he had with his, I suspect that even were the guarantee still valid, I’d have such trouble getting anywhere it’s best not to bother.

So my quest is to find a new camera before I go to Austria next month. I’ve been also trying to find a continuing German course so I can carry on with that too; it’s already fading after all my hard work before Christmas. So I must get out the mp3 player again and play the tracks while I walk, muttering like a bilingual baglady…

I’ve got a busy sort of week but I hope to be able to get back to something like normal before too long. 

And finally, very belatedly, a Happy New Year to all my readers!


2 thoughts on “Normal service

  1. Good luck on finding the new camera. Not sure what it means but I have two friends that developed problems with their laptops over the holiday. They attempted repairs but the hassle was significant, both machines were out of warranty, and so they just went and got another one that would be reasonably priced and do the trick. I find its good to get away from all electronics once and awhile. It results in more to share when I get back to it. Enjoy Germany. My son swears by the Rosetta Stone software.

    • I am told Mercury is retrograde till later this month, which apparently means troubles with communicating etc.
      I was just saying to J(es) a while ago aboiut wanting to go and live in a cave for a while; he pointed out I couldn’t blog from a cave….
      Right now, the camera issue is annoying me as I know I should go do some research but it just confuses me!
      I shall hunt for Rosetta Stone I think!

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