What am I worth?

I’ve been bowled a bit of a googly today in the form of an insoluble clash of work and family, from which I can only emerge the loser. As far as I can see, there’s no way to resolve it without making someone unhappy, and that includes me. More or less inevitably, whatever I choose is going to make me unhappy as hell. It’s made me question again my own worth and I had a trawl in my archives for something to cheer me up and try and put things into perspective.

Here it is:  

What am I worth?
What am I worth?
Five K a kidney?
A snip, if you’ll pardon a pun.
Bargain bin good looks,
Reduced due to store damage
And some slight fading.
A cheap sense of humour,
Tending towards blackness
But not quite sick, not yet.
That must be worth a bit.
A Lucky Dip of hidden talents;
Go on, have a gamble.
Even I don’t have a clue
What’s hidden deep inside.
That bland tub of sawdust
May hold mysterious gifts
Awaiting your longer reach.
Go on, I dare you:
Make me an offer.
How much? You’re joking!
No way, no sale, pal!
I’m worth more than that, I think.


10 thoughts on “What am I worth?

  1. I agree with uninvoked, in fact I think it would end up in a big bidding war!
    I am in tonight if you need to get things of your chest

    Love & Hugs

    • Thanks, I am ok. I shall talk to you soon though!
      Nigel is just home so off down for a cuppa. It’s wayyyy too cold here; roll on double glazing!

    • Funny how the mind works: I was more thinking of being vaguely tub shaped myself and being blonde, also therefore bland!
      I have a sort of a zen sandgarden/medicine wheel I must post a pic of sometime…
      And I got a new camera. My husband said while we were out doing the grocery shopping at tesco’s(a big supermarket which stocks everything) that I needed a camera and there was a decent one in the sale, and we got that with the proviso that if I want something fancier I can get it when I have researched it. But now I have it home, it has far more features than the last one and will keep me entertained for a long while getting to grips with it!

  2. The philosophical me…grrr….bite!
    But here’s my take…you are worth the price you put upon yourself – so when you decide you are worth 5K a kidney…at that moment you probably are! Why the Ms. Viv I know should even let such a thought enter her mind is beyond me…but Mercury says that she knows what must’ve made you feel so.

    Take my canine advice – get under your quilt, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a huge garden with only those who matter to you – and then ask yourself – what are you to them? If they need you, want you, love you, and appreciate you – you are worth the world!

    Licks n wags,


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