I’ve been thinking about the things that get my goat, those irrationally annoying things that can set my teeth on edge but which don’t seem that annoying to others.

My former boss had a real bugbear about the misuse of the apostrophe and would pontificate for hours about how people who couldn’t master such a basic grammar point should be rounded up and shot and how reading poor grammar and spelling made her eyes bleed. It does sound extreme but I suspect we all have something that makes our blood boil even if it simply isn’t that important in the scheme of things.

I’ve got a few. I’m quite a placid and tolerant person but certain phrases make me scream internally. One of which is “You’ve never lived till you’ve….” It annoys me intensely because it’s illogical for a starter. OK, so what have I been doing up to this point then? Being undead? It also has a strong element of elitism: the I’m-doing-something-terribly-exciting-that-most-of-you-haven’t-done-yet kind of elitism. It smacks of having discovered something truly amazing and lifechanging, and in 99% of cases, it’s so far from the truth. Maybe it counts as an honorary hyperbole. But it pisses me off when people say it. “You’ve never lived till you’ve danced in the rain!” Big bloody deal! “You’ve never lived till you’ve seen Paris!” It’s another city, get over it!

I’ve got plenty more where those came from but what about your bugbears? People who tell you they’re arriving at 10am and never show up at all? The inserts in the Sunday papers?

Go on, make my day and tell me your bugbears. Please.


17 thoughts on “Bugbears

  1. Ok, here goes…At the risk that a relative will somehow find this comment here…I have a lot of trouble giving up complete control of my kitchen when I have houseguests. I know I should be grateful when a person offers to help load the dishwasher, but until recently, I would always have to go back and switch all the dishes around. It is also difficult to give up control of my coffee pot. I have a relative who will intentionally make more coffee than we will drink in a day, so she will have extra to reheat in the morning. I think it’s icky to drink coffee that’s been sitting out all night. I used to try waking up extra early to beat her to the coffee pot, so I could dump out the old stuff and start brewing some new. But that took a lot of energy. So, I am trying now to live with less-than-stellar coffee for the short time they are visiting, and then I’m extra thankful for my coffee pot back when they are gone.

    • I’m just the same about my kitchen too. As for the coffee thing, well, actually, reheating coffee is bad for the health. It stews it and that causes chemical changes in the coffee that are BAD for you!
      I have a cafetiere these days so that making good coffee is as simple as boiling the kettle and making tea. And it doesn’t sit around waiting to be drunk, what a crime!
      Many years ago a male friend came a few years in a row and cooked for us for Christmas dinner. he did a marvelous job, and washed up etc but I did find it tricky. I was putting things in the right places for days after!

  2. Using the word “sovereign” in connection with “God” when talking about some terrible tragedy or situation. As in “My house burned down and I have terminal cancer, but I rest in the knowledge that our God is a Sovereign God.” Some people find this comforting, but I find it maddeningly evasive.

    My MIL undertaking to instruct my kids in proper attire, grooming, behavior and so forth.

    Men in management positions who can’t place their own phone calls.

    Putting dishes back in the wrong place. And finally, the toilet paper should unroll from the front and not the back. Dear Husband has problems catching on to these two. 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more with the Sovereign God thing; don’t get that at all. I’d be very angry and certainly not relieved in the diea of God being a total bastard.
      And the men in management. Big babies!
      My MIL has always been a star so have never had cause for complaint in that way.
      Other bits, yes, Ii can see they’d be a bugbear but not one of mine!!!

  3. I really hate it when co-workers need something done right away, but they see me up to my ears in work and in order to draw my attention ask, “Are you busy?”

    Men telling me they know what I want is something that drives me mad.

    Another thing I find very annoying is elder people telling me how hard life used to be when they were young and how the young know nothing nowadays.

    People using my personal things secretly. I tend to remember unintentionally where and how I’ve left my possessions or how much has been used.

    • I can concur with all those things, but I am getting to the stage in my life where I am the one saying how much harder things used to be… which is worrying!!!
      At one time I was ready to kill my brother for reading my private writings and I know I’d have done GBH to other students who nicked my milk from the communal fridge.
      D’you know, it’s occurred to be its a miracle we can co-exist at all!!!!

  4. A few of mine:

    “You don’t know what you’re missing.” Let me savor the mystery.

    “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but ….” If you think I might, why not say it clearly and the right way?

    The phrase: “As you well know …” Either presumptuous or thinly veiled critique that I clearly don’t.

    “Jet’s face facts.” Your’s or mine?

    • hehehehehehehehe
      I’m probably guilty of a few of them myself, I’m afraid, especially the don’t want you to take it the wrong way. Its something I have used to try and soften the blow that’s coming…..

  5. Wow, this must be my lucky day!! Not only am I allowed to rant, I am being encouraged to. Thanks Viv (You may just regret this!!)
    Where do I start???

    I generally don’t have a problem with authority (bosses) as long as it’s not the kind of bosses who are hiding their own incompetence behind a job title. The kind of idiots whose sole purpose in life os to create time wasting work purely to justify their own position and the only way they can think of doing this is by putting unnecessary pressure on people who are actually serving a purpose… (blood pressure rising slightly)

    The “pretend clan” is another group of people who can get my blood boiling at times. You know them as the typical middle class types who pretends to be upper class. The kind of people who pretend they either have more than others or are somehow better than others, which in my opinion is nothing more than a way for them to hide their own shortcomings.

    I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in the UK, the majority of what is showed on TV is some form of reality TV or in other words, members of the public making a complete fool of themselves in the hope that they may be famous one day!! What happened?? 100 years ago these people would have joined a circus or a freak show but now we just stick these morons on the telly!! It’s time to trim the herd!!!

    People trying to force their belief(s) onto me. I don’t come knocking on your door so leave me alone and keep your beliefs to yourself.

    And finally. Actually, I could go on for the rest of the evening but fear some people may develop the urge to slash their wrists so I will wrap up now by agreeing with Viv on “You’ve never lived till you’ve….” Viv you know what my reply will be next time someone tries that one on me 😉

    • This seems to have been a popular post and it’s made me giggle.It does astound me how we do all somehow manage to live together in relative harmony when there are so many tiny little things that set us ranting about each other!

  6. Oh I nearly forgot!!! Packaging! Why is it that everything you buy in shops these days has to be packaged in multiple layers of plastic/cardboard etc to the extent you need a f**king powertool to open it. I have a pack of ham from 1997 I have yet to successfully open!!!!!

    • I am SO with you on the packaging issue. Not only is it annoying it’s also wasteful.
      the one that gets me reaching for the razors is the film they put round dvds and cds. Drives me nutty!

  7. “Yeah but that stuff comes easy to you”

    Yeah thats why I was up pressing the same buttons going through the same menus drinking diet Pepsi and eating cheese to stay awake at 1am.
    Yeah thats why I get here early and you come in late.

    Yeah thats why I now work for myself 🙂 .

    • I agree.
      I’ve had people say “yeah but writing comes easy for you!” and it annoys me, because while it’s true, it’s only because I have spent a lot of time practising!
      I’d prefer to work for myself, but the day job isn’t too arduous!

  8. Mine?
    “Which breed?”

    “You are gifted!”

    What about spending an average of one to two hours sketching since you remember?

    About being a regular visitor: either Mercury or I visit your blog regularly:)

    Do you think Mercury’s caricature blog has a valid reason to appear on your blog-roll? Just asking…feel free to refuse:)

    How about this?
    “You’ve never lived until you’ve had your caricature drawn!”

    Creepy…if you ask me:)

    Licks and wags,


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