Fortune Cookies

We had a Chinese takeaway last night, slightly delayed from the night before, and it came with fortune cookies.

I love fortune cookies. They make me smile because of the incongruous, mistranslated English and the weird things they say.

But last night they were each strangely appropriate to each of us.

My daughter(who is 20) got one that said, Learn from the mistakes of others.

My husband(who is an analytical chemical consultant and a priest to boot) got, Your mentality is alert, practical and analytical.

And mine was, Faith will move mountains.

I liked that. Not Faith CAN move mountains, but Faith WILL move mountains. In light of a project I am about to launch, this was a good omen.

Watch this space!


8 thoughts on “Fortune Cookies

  1. This reminds me of our traditions at Christmas. Elder women are supposed to prepare home-made bread and some lucky charms are put inside, so that everyone should have a piece with a lucky charm. In the past those used to be coins, cornel buds and other small objects believed to bring good luck, but nowadays people simply use pieces of paper with some nice wishes written on them.
    So, my point is, this Christmas everyone got the right piece. A friend is eager to buy a new house and he got “You will celebrate next New Year in a new home.” The eldest person got “Good health” and I took the piece with the one saying, “Success at work and financial progress”. I hope they all come true!

  2. We live near the Asian district — our city saw a large influx of Vietnamese after the war — so the Vietnamese food here is wonderful.

    We’ve had just this experience that you described, where everyone received a ‘fortune’ appropriate to them, though we’ve experienced it the other way around as well — and just knew one had had the misfortune to grab the fortune intended for another.

    Either way, I wish you good fortune on your new project.


  3. Let mountains be moved!!!! And they WILL.
    As for fortune cookies, I can’t remember the last time I had one but decided to google for some weird and wonderful ones and I particular like the following one: “He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at.”

    • “Never challenge a porcupine to an arse kicking contest!”
      Maybe it’s not the mountians that need moving but us. remember how David Copperfield does his big tricks…

      • Why not?? It only has small legs and can’t kick very hard!!!! And as for David Copperfield…well…he has lego hair!! Or was that a trick too????
        We have already moved though and we’ll continue to do so..

      • Yes but it’s when you have to kick them the trouble starts! And they have such very cute faces, I’d hate to hurt one anyway!
        yes, we have moved round the mountain, haven’t we?

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