The wanderer returns…

As some of you knew, and some may have deduced from my unusual silence both on the comments front and the lack of posts, I have been away. I landed in England again this morning and got home about 2.30 this afternoon after not quite a week away working in Austria.

I’ve covered about 2000 km in this time, on land, and done and seen a million things, which will have to wait(as will my replies to comments) until my brain resets to English and to my normal life. I’m very, very tired. I’ve unpacked, had a bath and washed the smell of smoke from my hair(I’ve been around a lot of smokers; Austria still allows smoking in bars and restaurants) and am going to chuck all my clothes in the wash later.

I’ll tell you one thing though(beyond it was a good trip!): despite serious misgivings about flying for the first time, I was surprised how unfazed I was and how boring I actually found it.

Anyway, I’ve missed proper English tea and I must go and make up for the lack…

Watch this space!

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