Two takes on death

I wrote this some years ago but it still holds true.

Two Takes On Death
When people die, however dear,
There is a small and shameful voice
That whispers in the secret midnight grief:
"Thank God!" and breathes relief.
When William died I did not howl
As once I'd thought I must,
But amid the dry and sterile pain I thought
That nothing worse might come to him.
We who are cursed with the two-edged gift
Can see all futures and all endings
And sigh when worsened pains are spared
And let our loved ones go in peace.
How different then the warrior kind
Who thought it shame to die in bed,
Preferred a gory, glorious death
While we murmur, "Poor Soul,
He slipped away in sleep, thank God!"

6 thoughts on “Two takes on death

      • I wanted to reply to your comment because many individuals do not understand that writing is an exercise from our own imaginations and feelings, it may not be our daily lives. I many not comment often but I read you via my email at each new posting.

        Unfortunately I had to disable my comment section so I mostly support through subscription and not comments yet I was pleased to find the contents of your reply so like my own writing process.

        It is not necessary that you keep this comment on your post it was more of a personal comment directed toward your amazing talent as a writer/poet.



      • Thank you.
        I like to keep comments up, as they encourage me and others.
        I did write a post called How to write or some such nonsense, which you might enjoy!!!


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