I can’t breathe.

Oh, my lungs work fine.

Watch: in, out, in, out.

But I still can’t breathe.

I dream of mountaintops,

With air thin enough

To draw deep like wine,

Cold and sharp inside me.

I stand so high

I cannot see the ground.

I spread my wings,

Step forward, feel the rush

As I plummet, plunge and fall.

And then my wings support me;

I soar above the clouds,

The land below forgotten,

And just breathe.



9 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. hi, I have received an award from Shakira and I have to share it with the bloggers that I are one of them .check out your award in my blog and good luck to you.

  2. I loved your poem! :)I just wrote something similar in prose today! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words:)

  3. Hi Viv,

    It makes very happy that you’ve been so productive these days. For someone like me who “feeds” on others’ creativity you can imagine how inspiring it is.
    Thank you and lots of love from me.

    p.s. I did have a look at Lua’s blog and would strongly recommend it to you.

  4. Wonderful post!

    ps: re Elsewhere on your pages:

    Viv, I cannot post a comment on your Protected post, because it is restricted. I count myself as one of your friends and if you will allow I should like to read the restricted post which I guess is restricted to a small circle.. will this be ok?


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