There’s a firestorm of creation

It’s whirlwind in my mind

I don’t know where it’s going

I’m really working blind

I’m not in this for the money

I’m not in it for the fame

I’m not in this for any glory

This is quite a different game

I am at the story’s mercy

I am in the hands of fate

My head’s a maze of colours

And my home is in a state

The story burns its way out

And burns right through my soul

Leaves me scorched and broken

Leaves me feeling old

The story fights its way out

All feet and fists and blood

Stands and walks away from me

And leaves me at the flood

There’s a windstorm of ideas

A hurricane in my brain

After all this time of quiet

I’m finally here again.


6 thoughts on “Firestorm

  1. Hi there. I’ve been meaning to get over here and say “Yea! Book!” and that I’m enjoying reading these poems. I’ve been wrapped up in car issues and getting very behind in my visitations. I’m glad to see you conducting the firestorm.

    • Mornin’ Alice,
      I’ve been thinking about you; I do read your blog but find it difficult to comment- all the hassle blogspot puts you through sometimes and then won’t post a comment.
      Hope you get the car issues sorted. Have you got a new computer at home yet?

      • Alas, a new car comes before the new computer. My dear 10 year old has given over her computer to me in the meantime. A bit slow and such, but oh well. I do at least have a car that runs and one we didn’t have to finance with a loan.

      • My pc is very slow and ponderous at times.
        I know what you mean about being able to have a car without getting a loan. I’d much rather do it that way!

  2. Powerful is the only thing I can say. It’s so difficult to comment on poetry…. the surge of emotions it evokes.

    And thanks God you’re here again.


    • Thanks again Shiona.
      I was playing around with it on paper in my poetry notebook and realised I needed to get it on screen before I could finish it properly. Funny how one’s ways and means of writing change!

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