I’ve posted this before but it seemed to go well with Firestorm which was written last night.



I feel wild tonight.
I want to do the wild and terrible things
My own heart of darkness prompts.
I want to fly with the owls in the night sky,
Feel the rush of air, the cold dip and rise of flight,
Losing myself above rivers and fields
Lost in darkness below me.
I want to run with the Wild Hunt,
At the head of the hounds and with the deer.
I want to swim in dark waters that have depths
I can never reach but can die trying.
I want to spin with the autumn gales,
Blown like a leaf to God knows where.
I want to lie on the cold ground
And hear the heartbeat of the earth.
I want to leave my body behind
That hampers me, and the face I wear.
I want to be the stranger
Whom no one knows and everyone wants.
I want peace from the storm that rages inside me,
The tempest and the idiot told tale
That drives me.


16 thoughts on “Wild

    • Hello Zenn,
      nice to see you here. I shall have a look at your blog. My blog roll is made up of blogs I have spent some time getting to know and then deciding if it’s appropriate to have the blog linked to mine. This is not any reflection on those who visit but aren’t on my blogroll, but rather a kind of seeking for kindred spirits, for people whose work or ideals somehow work well alongside mine. That’s not to say they are the same; far from it in many cases.
      Let’s get to know each other a little first, shall we?

  1. “I want to do the wild and terrible things, My own heart of darkness prompts.”

    I love this line! I actually wrote it to a piece of paper and taped it on my desk…:)
    So simple, so raw yet so powerful and humane…

    • I’m touched.
      I wrote this one some years back when I simply didn’t know what to do with myself!
      When people are recommended to use thesauruses(maybe ought to be thesauri??) for their writing, I think it can make their work stilted and wordy if the words they use are not natural to them; people generally use very few words to express deep feeling. In Iceland there are more poets than any other nation and yet, Icelandic has a very simple vocabulary, lacking the shades and nuances of English…always worth remembering before reaching for the thesaurus!

  2. Loved your poem! I’ve felt the same way so often but never found words to express it so perfectly. Thank you for sharing it 🙂

    • Thanks Madison…these came to me some years back after spending an insane 17 days writing a complete novel. I found it hard to stop dead in my tracks though the novel had come to its conclusion.
      be welcome here!

  3. where do I sign up?
    this is the good wild and the wonderful terrible.
    these are things so true to my heart.

      • yeah sure it does but folks like us just cant spend all our time on the thin back of the slender gray snake that slithers across and between the yen and the yang.
        sometimes we have to grab hold of owl talons and take the tall tour from above it all.But you know that owls are nocturnal so we return with limited visions
        and tired cold hands.
        no one comes back with more clarity than you.


  4. This is very beautiful. I read your poetry and see deep expressive feelings in there, and you employ beautiful narrative to express your feelings. I wish I could write in a similar vein, but we all have a niche in which we hold on to, in our poetry and what I do is what I do. But this page is about you, and not me so let me say I am very glad I came to read your poems. I am long overdue and apologise for this. It is all too easy to muse and dream on in one’s own little corner and this is my fallibility, I guess. The depth of your words, the richness of meaning is so very impressive. I wish I had written this poem, it is awesome!

    I want to be the stranger
    Whom no one knows and everyone wants.
    I want peace from the storm that rages inside me,
    The tempest and the idiot told tale
    That drives me

    • John, you are quite right about niches but we must all ensure they don’t become ruts!! I do enjoy your rhyming poetry because while I do write “poems wot rime”, it’s only when the poem shapes itself that way. If I TRY, I just write doggerel.
      Anyway, visiting is nice but it isn’t compulsory! I see the blogging life as a form of widespread dialogue; talking and listening to others.
      take care!

  5. You certainly do not write ‘doggerels’ in the way that that term is often used to describe a type of poetry nowadays , Viv, but I guess I cannot convince you.

    Visiting is nice I totally agree. Let me put my cards on the public table (ouch!) .. I have written maybe 1000 poems over the last ten years.. and have a large stock to dip into, but I am also writing new poems and wanting to post and share them.

    This is because I love to know that my stuff is reaching an audience, and the wider the better, I have no place in my mind for arrogance or vanity – my latest poem is a metaphorical kick in my own pants to show that I recognise vanity and if I am guilty of it I will be judged, but if I atone for it I will be made “new”. But “false modesty” is not my card and I steer clear of such a thing, while maintaining gratitude and humility for what I receive from of the kindness of others (including yourself).

    Oh my gosh! Here I go, using metaphors , but as a poet they are part of my tools of trade and I know you, as a remarkable and gifted writer and teacher, will discern the meaning of my self-analysis here. I also know that I am a grain of sand on the blogbeach and that there untold numbers of other writers-poets – including your dear self – and their work reaches out to and seeks to be seen and felt by others.

    The whole thing, the entire entity of the blogosphere, is rather like Space. It is unlimited but it is bounded, and our writing, our responses, our comment, our work and all that we post in our “diaries” are visible to each othe rwithin the boundaries of all that we can see and share.

    Please know that I value your wisdom, your wit, your experience and I love to visit you, Viv.

    Take care!

  6. This is how I feel now, having shaken off the last remnants of the breakdown I went through.
    I’ve copied this poem into my “Inspiration Diary”.

    • I am glad you are through the breakdown now Shiona. Sometimes breakdowns are the only way to breakthrough. I suspect for many of us this is the case; the difficulty is in rebuilding.
      I am delighted you have copied this one down; it’s one of my personal favourites as it is how I feel quite regularly. One day I may just try and join the owls anyway!!

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