Dream Torment

Dream Torment


Sleep, sleep; dive deep:

The Sea of undiscovered dreams appears.

Sleep, sleep; dig deep:

The underworld of hopes and fears.

Is it real or is it not?

Can I reach it? Better not!

Twists and turns; tunnels long.

A voice beyond: a siren’s song.

Eyes are heavy; legs are weak,

Can I find the thing I seek?

Waking now, it fades away.

Forget it in the light of day.

At sleep-fall it comes again,

Lures me in, lets go and then,

Moves beyond where I can go,

I cannot run; I am too slow.

Dreams torment me, draw me deep:

I get no rest in nightly sleep.

13 thoughts on “Dream Torment

  1. At sleep-fall it comes again,

    Lures me in, lets go and then,

    Moves beyond where I can go,

    I cannot run; I am too slow.

    Dreams torment me, draw me deep:

    I get no rest in nightly sleep.

    Viv, I start by saying the entire poem is powerful and clearly spells out turmoil, worry, anxiety, and the unanswered questions of what you are seeking in that dream-scape. I virtually touch your hand as I tell you I understand the underlying meaning in the poem, the poem is very descriptive in imagery brought out through narrative. You are going to get through what is yet not quite known to you. I believe this strongly.

    In our dialogues I have always been impressed, and admire, your strength of mind and your ‘character’ reaches out to me and I am sure others feel the same way, and will tell you so in their own words.

    Be at peace my dear friend. We have never met but that is an opportunity that will present itself at some future time when you and your students are in the Covent Garden area. Rest your heart and mind in knowing that apart from my support and the good and kind and honorable Sir J’s, you are loved and supported by your friends who com to read your pages.

    I have seen what they say and have started to make contact with some of them, to increase the circle of friends who share so much with you and who emphasise with you and who keep you on their enduringly kind and caring hearts.

    I send you a *Hug* to bolster you and to help you get through and hope this reaches you.



    • I wrote this a few years ago but it still holds true quite often for many nights. I struggle with the whole realm of Morpheus and lately have been forced to take pain killers at night to be able to sleep at all.


  2. sorry for your sleep troubles.
    I had a crazy dream about being in a strange persons house – almost as real as this crazy book I been reading.


  3. I think you have asked the vital question which usually is the reason for all my sleepless nights Viv;
    “Can I find the thing I seek?”
    I guess there is no resting in nightly sleep for me until I do find what I seek…:)
    Beautiful poem Viv, thank you for sharing it.


    • Thanks Lua.
      Often I think I wish I knew what I was looking for, both in dreams and in “real” life.
      In another way, maybe that is what both life and dreams are about, this seeking for the unnamed yearning.
      I sometimes have a dream where I am shopping for something but I don’t know what it is and suddenly I find it and it feels amazing and I wake and feel terrible disappointment that the thing I held in my hand as the dream ended is no longer there when I wake. I think J has had this experience too? I did have the weird and rather wonderful experience of finding in a shop the exact thing I had found in my dream, and having the same sensation in my hand when I touched it. Needless to say I bought it and treasure the item still but more the synchronicity of finding it.
      One thing I used to dream about what finding a crucifix where the figure of our Lord had been replaced with an eagle, a great eagle with a white head…If I ever see that in a shop I will pass out with shock!!


      • With relation to several posts of yours regarding dreams, I’m amazed at how clearly and in detail you remember your dreams. More often than not I have vague memories or only smalls details remain clear after I wake up. But I’m very familiar with the disappointment after waking up from a nice dream and realizing the experience was not real.


      • But in a certain way, the experience was real. Our memories are made up on the same neural patterns as our dreams, after all.
        I think I would dream my life away without work and family and alarm clocks, like a big old momma bear who’s lost her taste for salmon and berries…


      • Oh, I know that feeling as well- so disappointing and heart breaking to have that thing in your hands one moment, and than open your eyes and see that it’s gone… I always close my eyes and try desperately to get back into that dream but I guess once the rabbit hole is closed, it’s closed…

        But Viv, that is absolutely a very unique experience you had… You must have felt pretty shocked that day when you find that item in that shop…

        I wish there was a shop right around the corner where I could go and find whatever it was that I dreamed the night before and take it home with me… Wouldn’t that be something? 🙂


      • It would be a fantastic experience. The shop was in Glastonbury, where magic happens every day.
        I have frequently dreamed of things that have then happened, and not just happened to me. I’ve done what you might call “remote viewing” of friends, sometimes by accident and sometimes in dreams. I can’t control it and it happens from time to time where I see something happening to someone I care about, often half a world away. When I tell when what I saw, they think I am a witch!
        I had a bad night last night, hardly slept and I got to the point of mild hallucinations at about 3am. I saw a funny little image appear, like a computer icon or avatar picture from a blog. I can’t remember what it looked like but it made me think(weird) of The Black and White Minstrels show, a music and dancing show that used to be on TV many years ago and was later banned for racism. The image was like what can flash up on your screen when someone sends you an IM. have no idea what it means but I suspect someone somewhere might…


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  5. I recall many of my dreams but must devote a silent moment of “nothingness” before they re-surface upon initial wakening. Like riding the wave a second time around.

    The dreams are as real as my subconscious wants me to believe.

    michael j


    • …or like the deep silent in-breath before submersion?

      I have trouble some days being totally sure I am actually awake….it’s also a good way to trigger a lucid dream is to ask when dreaming, “Am I dreaming?”

      sweet dreams, Michael!


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