Lazy Science

I did a spell late last year of some tutoring in maths and science, which I enjoyed but found myself convinced that except for the biological sciences I was not cut out for a career in science, ever.

This poem I wrote today in celebration of this personal discovery. Enjoy!

Lazy Science


The mysteries of the universe

Are best explored by means of verse

Where stars that rise and stars that fall

Remain within the reach of all.

Science sometimes can be too much

For those of us who are out of touch

With latest theories and jargon cool

Or things we’ve all forgot since school.

Sometimes those wonders best remain

Unexplained, like summer rain.


8 thoughts on “Lazy Science

  1. When I was in high school, math & science were my nightmares! Needless to say, literature was my favorite subject and thank God, I didn’t have to worry about those two when I started Law school 🙂
    But this poem sure has a special meaning for me, it was like an interpretation of my feelings back when I was in high school…

    “Where stars that rise and stars that fall
    Remain within the reach of all.”

    Beautifully said Viv, thank you for sharing 🙂

    • I actually really liked the sciences at school but partly because of the fact that my school didn’t ever do as well teaching sciences and partly because my mother put pressure on me not to take science. (“They’re just not….feminine!”) I chose the arts. I sometimes think I ought to have done medicine. Some of my small forays into the published word have been in a science journal of some renown.
      It’s too easy for people to put the sheer marvels beyond most, by mythologising them anew with jargon.
      But maths….I still sweat about. Imagine having to teach it, when I last did it in 1982!!!

  2. Vvi,

    Oh. I liked this very much. Like summer rain. Wonderul. Science. Not so. But don’t tell my husband….


    • I’m the daughter of one chemist and the wife of another; my daughter originally wanted to do chemistry at university. I like science but I just find some areas of it might as well be written in Sanskrit or Swahili for all the words sink into my dense brain. I read a science journal weekly and even have had little bits published in it but there are some areas that are beyond me….by a very, very long way.

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