Procrastinator extraordinaire

…that’s me!

I’m back at work this week, from tomorrow and I can’t face doing any of the things I need to be doing right now. Some are hanging over me from weeks(or months) back and are getting more urgent. I have scary form for the Department of Work and Pensions to fill in and despite being educated and articulate, I find forms so scary. I inched one step closer to dealing with it today by locating the file that contains the information I need to fill the form in. That’s due by the end of this month. I may make it.

I’ve also got phone calls to make regarding getting an allotment to put our bees on; again scared to do that. I really don’t enjoy talking to strangers over the phone about something I know may be a little complicated. And they may say NO even though we have a legal right to have bees on an allotment…

I need to pick up the dog’s medication from the vets at some point today; there was fresh blood in her water bowl this morning again. I’m not sure if I ought to get her more anti-biotics too. There are two receptionists; one is very good and the other reminds me of a Macdonald’s thick-shake : sweet, but too thick to be good for anything. If I get the good one, I am happy that the meds I get given are what Holly is supposed to have….The other receptionist usually tries to put my credit card in the wrong way. ‘Nuff said.

I’ve got household chores(including last night’s dishes) to do.

I have a stack of new notes for London to download and print out so I can read them thoroughly before Saturday. I have my notes for Paris later this month I need to read through and memorise, not to mention the itinerary. I have also 4 hours of teaching to prepare for, for tomorrow. I also have the same for the rest of the week but that has to wait until I get a handle on my students. There’s not point in planning a week of teaching till I meet them; I’ve made that mistake before and it sucks. I end up with a week of lessons I can’t use.

I’ve also got to locate my swimming costume, plus leggings, t-shirt and old trainers for this dip in the environmental tank. I’m so not sure of this activity; my boss says it’s meant as a fun one but I need to be convinced.

To get a lesson sorted for tomorrow means domestic archaeology. Apart from one rather pointless morning last month, I haven’t taught since September and all my files were decently buried under my desk, in no special order and I need to get them all out and have a look at what I can use that is adaptable enough to cover almost every possibilty for this group. This could result in a papering of the floor of my study. I also need to dig out some decent work clothes and make sure they are presentable; I’ve been living in jeans now for months, and polar fleece jumpers. I’ll also have to figure out how to tame my hair enough so they don’t think I am the wild woman of Borneo.

What I really want to do is quite different. And it frustrates me because I have had months of emptiness where few words came and where my head resounded to echoes of old stories but nothing new was being born. I had months of doing nothing outside the home(or very little) where I could have spent every day bashing out stories on the pc. It choses now to return to me when it’s not just a matter of carving out time from a busier daily schedule but a more vital one of how my spirit metamorphoses into something quite different from my easygoing and kind persona into something harder edged and slightly dangerous(I say slightly; I can’t guarantee this as it hasn’t been fully tested) that lives with more than half its consciousness in other worlds. I have a foot there at most times but when I am really writing, more of me is absent than is present.

I began a new novel a few days ago and though I haven’t a clue where its going yet, the feeling is it’s actually going somewhere and I’ve been able to exceed my daily target of words and that hasn’t happened for a long while. I’ve got two others on the go but with each of them it’s been like pulling nails from a packing case using my teeth: hard work and not a lot to show for it. I get a feeling that the unlocking of the new novel is triggering and unblocking of the others.

Why, when I had all winter with nothing much to do, does this happen now, when I know I will have less time for it? Not only that, the person I become when I write really takes no prisoners, takes much less s*** and is generally not such a nice person.

edit: I got down to the kitchen to start the dishes to find my wonderful husband had already done them, despite the fact that he cooked last night. One less thing to worry about!

Have I procrastinated myself into a real corner here?

8 thoughts on “Procrastinator extraordinaire

  1. I too am a “Procrastinator extraordinaire” and go through the routine of feeling creative and wanting to get things done every day but work gets in the way. Sunday arrives and I generally waste it doing none of the things I have wanted to do all week!!!


    • I think there must be a middle way where we can find enough time to do what we want to do and yet get work things done. I have a horrible feeling it might involve being disciplined though and that’s never good when I sabotage myself so readily!


  2. You wouldn’t be surprised if I join the club, would you?
    I’ve read books on organizing one’s time and advice on how to stop procrastinating. I can make perfect “to do” lists, but never adhere to them. I don’ even bother to tick or cross tasks.


    • I’m a proponent of the Ta Dah! list which is much more psychologically satisfying; you make a list of what you have already done. Feels a million times better than to do lists!


  3. I end up doing all my reviews at the 11th hour’s 59th minute! Procrastination is painful (while you are procrastinating, it keeps nagging you; and when you can no longer push off what you have to do, you feel overworked and stressed!)

    I hope you get used to your new routine soon:)

    Warm Regards,


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