I’m gonna be the Grinch today. Sorry.

I have been offered a few blogging awards lately and while I appreciate that someone might have thought it nice to offer me one, it pushes a few of my buttons. First, I love having visitors and their comments mean more to me than awards. Second, the awards have a horrible resemblence to the chain letters than plagued my childhood; you have to send them on to another 10 or 15 other blogs you like. I get them in emails these days. I had no problem ripping up chain letters and I have no problem with pressing delete with chain emails. But I do have a bit of an issue with ignoring or rejecting awards because someone somewhere has thought to send me one. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but I really don’t want them. This is not why I blog and they don’t mean anything to me except hassle and a kind of circular, inward looking need for approval. If you like my blog, then thank you very much, please keep visiting and commenting. I like dialogue and awards simply seem to end it with that embarassed shuffle and awkward thank yous.

Please don’t send them to me.

I shall be my normal un-Grinchlike self now until the next one arrives.

Thank you.


17 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Maybe this is, for the recipient, just like a compliment – how many (English) people do you know who can actually handle them with ease? Not too many, I’d say…

    “Circular, inward looking need for approval” – I see it that way too. It’s so much more constructive to actually talk/write about what you like about someone’s work.

    I find this “award situation” is a bit like getting autographs – wouldn’t it be more interesting to talk to the people who’s work we appreciate? I never understood this… On the other hand, it implies someone’s appreciation and unburdens them from having to say something meaningful to a stranger…

    Which is why “award” and “blog” don’t quite go together:
    the great thing about blogs as I experience them is interaction and dialogue. For awkward one-way responses to awards watch the Oscars…

    • I agree. I’ve got better at accepting compliments over the years and by comparison, receiving them written as comments rather than face to face, it’s far easier.
      With blogging, that whole stomach churning thing where you try to think of something to say is much easier. You say something simple and sincere, and usually, for a first one, quite short, and tick the box that says to get follow up comments. Then if its well received, or at least acknowledged, the dialogue begins. I get quite frustrated when the blog owner never replied to a comment and I usually don’t go back again.
      But as I said, this pushes buttons for me and triggers memories of the whole clubiness of school, who’s in, who’s out and so on. It is quite interesting that the awards have appeared from people with whom I have had no dialogue or virtually none.
      I don’t bite, honestly. I’m quite nice when you get to know me, in fact. So please just talk to me; it’s more meaningful than an “award”.

  2. I say sometimes it’s necessary to be a little like the Grinch 🙂
    And I agree about the awards Viv, blogs are great to be help us meet like minded souls, start a dialogue and share our thought, feelings, simply a piece of ourselves. Chaining awards and just keep passing them around- I don’t know how it serves that purpose.

    • I can very like a momma bear and grumpy about some things; its good to know I have a point that others can see and understand. I would not like to hurt any feelings.

  3. I think if it trips your trigger it is okay.

    But just because someone comes up with something doesnt mean I will go along with it.
    As I said before I am ” _one Wolf “.
    I do hate to hurt feelings over it and I also dont want it to be like I am a snob or something , a jerk or grinch well that’s different 🙂 .
    Lets dont be snobs about it lets just be independent -together ,you know like Rudolph and Herbie
    🙂 .

    I think it you have expressed this thing in a wonderful way but there is one blogger who did it even better, check out the little bird on the right :

    Viv you rock!

  4. You’ve made an excellent point about awards:) How about organizing a Grinch Award Content – asking people to writing Grinchy(?) posts?

    I could contribute a Grinch’s caricature for the award;)


    • As in a “No awards thank you, I’m the Grinch!” plaque? Woo, yes please! I suspect you’d have a few takers apart from me!

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