I posted this poem a good while ago, so forgive me if you have read it before but it’s one I particularly like because it neatly sums up how much of a contradiction I am as a person. I was absurdly pleased at how well it turned out so I have some (I hope) forgivable pride concerning it, because it made serious points but in a humorous manner.


                                                           Accident of Birth

I was born a blonde
But beneath layers of fairness
There lurks a redhead,
Fiery, impulsive and hot.
I was born a Pisces,
On the cusp of Aries, Scorpio rising.
But I’m no bland cod-fish though:
I’m Jambalaya, in Cajun sauce.
I was born in the South;
Accident of fate, Northern stock.
Lose a leg? Hop, girl, hop!
They breed ‘em tough up there.
I was born a woman.
But my inner man sits firm,
Fists balled primevally
Nursing a proper pint.
I was born complicated:
Don’t try to understand me,
It’ll just make your brain spin.
Best just let me be.


13 thoughts on “Contradictions

  1. Viv,

    I love it! But I will never be bold enough in public to say that it explains a great deal. And from what I know about you – not as much as I wish to know, but still building on this, and one day hope to be in in the pantheon of those friends who deserve to be there – gives me reason to have a feeling that I could have written something similar about you, without the precise detail, that describes what I have glimpsed in the time I have been reading your posts and corresponding with you there. Is this presumptuous or what!

    The main point that I came her to make is that your poem is clever, witty, pulls no punches (that rings a bell!) and is delightful in construction and theme.

    But of course I will never be bold enough to say all of this in public. Wouldn’t want you to know that you are growing on me.


    • Hehehe
      It should also be read with a strong Northern accent.
      “Inconstistency, thy name is woman!”
      Incidentally, concerning the pulling of punches(and not pints) my husband is a practitioner of several martial arts and in those to pull one’s punches is seen as a possible sign of disrespect for the opponent. My daughter, before her illness brought her low was a champion in another martial art for her area, used to ask me to hold the pads for her to practise her punches and kicks at and she never spared me her full force, resulting in sending me flying on a number of occasions and bruising my face when the pads slipped and her gloved fist connected with my cheek.

  2. Viv, you have expressed how contrasts can exist in a human soul without slaying each other beautifully…

    I think most of my stories come from all these contradictions inside of me and when it gets to a point even I can’t understand them, I just say to myself:
    “Don’t try to understand me,
    It’ll just make your brain spin.
    Best just let me be.”

    Beautiful Poem, thank you for sharing it 🙂

  3. I guess most of us are like that…. full of contradictions. I am one for sure. That’s what makes us what we are. Most of us hide the contradictions and put on a sane front.

    Very few would want to accept nor say it out openly. You need to have the guts. But to be honest and open is a gift which is so refreshing.

    You are one such person.That’s what make you special Viv! ♥

    • Thank you. I do appreciate the kindness. By the way, I have your old blog addres on my blog roll; shall I put the new one on?
      Anyway, I do think I am probably not sane anyway…but I am harmless at least!

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