Seeing visions, Hamish Fulton and a stoat

This is intended as a response to J’s post over at: because I figured it was too long for a comment! Hopefully we can link them and it will all make sense.

I’ve experienced very similar things, of both finding myself interested, curious or almost magnetically attracted to someone almost without being aware it was happening. I’ve also been at the receiving end of it many times, with the whole loony on the bus scenario, though at times I probably am the loony on the bus. I wrote briefly about it here in a post entitled Negative Serendipity some while ago.

I’ve been interested in alternative spirituality for a long time, largely because of constant experiences of “strange phenomena” and I’d recommend a number of books to those curious about more. Barbara Ann Brennan’s books, Hand of Light and Light Emerging deal  with some of the mechanics of how the energy fields of people and animals interact in ways that are beyond the scope of this post to cover. Basically, we are all beings of light and how that light is seen and experienced on a subliminal level by others dictates to some degree how we interact. It also explains instant attraction(in all its forms) and that other phenomenon, instant repulsion.

I’ve been able to see the energy field of others off and on much of my life, though nowadays I actively try not to. It’s a bit like sneaking a peek into someone’s life story. I shut it down entirely for many years, at least the conscious awareness of it and it was only when I had a sequence of strange experiences some years ago that I began to find a balance between seeing and not seeing.

We used to visit the Sainsbury Gallery at the university of Norwich and one time we went there was an exhibition of the works of Hamish Fulton the walking artist. To be brief, it blew my mind. Canvases the size of half a house, simple images and photographs and brief, punchy words. I can’t describe how powerful  they all were, concentrated in a subterranean gallery. It was like walking out of a normal door and finding oneself on a mountain top in Tibet or outer Mongolia or the Cairngorms. It was like having the top of my head sliced off and having the wisdom of the cosmos poured in till it dripped down my neck. I walked out, punch drunk and dizzy and went to find somewhere quiet to absorb it all and as I sat I started seeing lights around the people in the gallery. I could see and understand who and what they were, where they came from, all from the lights around them.

The next day, I was still being flooded with knowledge. You might call it psychic impressions. I drove to the next town for Quaker Meeting and was awed by it all. I drove home and kept being given premonitions when a bird was going to fly in front on my car, so I’d slow down at that point and a pheasant would erupt from the hedgrow. I’d have mown down four if I hadn’t done that.

Subsequently I took a lot longer to get home. About three miles from my village I had a vivid vision of a stoat racing across the road, and I made a crucial decision NOT to slow down in anticipation.

Seconds later, a flash of reddish brown darted out in front of my car and I went straight over it.

I was driving a big Volvo at the time so there was no bump. I slammed on the brakes and leaped out. Back in the road lay a sad little scrap of fur, lying motionless in the middle of the road.


I ran up to the body and felt such awful remorse. I had been told quite clearly to slow down and I’d chosen to ignore it and now this animal was dead. At least I could move the body off the road to spare it the indignity of being mashed into the tarmac.

As I bent down to pick it up, the body quivered and as if touched by the finger of God, the animal leaped up, alive and unharmed. It had fainted with fear and my car had simply passed over it without touching it. The stoat stood up on her hind legs and chittered at me, loudly. It was quite clear I was being scolded and why.

I stood in the middle of a lonely country road, being told off by a stoat. She kept on at me and when another car came we both stepped onto the verge and she continued. I hung my head and said sorry over and over again as this little animal stood two feet away from me giving me the bollocking of my life.

Eventually it was over; she cleared off and I went home, chastened.

It’s stayed with me for a long time because it was such a powerful experience but also because I am still trying to understand quite how I can balance my gifts with the need to live in the normal daily world. Being able to see things that others can’t or don’t see is not easy because it brings up ethical questions as well as practical ones. I still need to work on this on a daily basis but I am slowly getting better at it and finding the right way between trusting those impressions, visions and instincts and not being ruled by them.

And I owe it all to Hamish Fulton and a stoat.


11 thoughts on “Seeing visions, Hamish Fulton and a stoat

  1. I am a firm believer in the so-called “supernatural” or “paranormal” skills. I think we possess abilities we are not aware of and perhaps if we weren’t so preoccupied with trifle material things, we might learn how to use them.
    I’ve never been able to feel people’s energy fields, but I’ve had some really bizarre interactions with animals that have rendered me speechless. There is one such occasion I remember vividly. When I was younger, there used to be some kind of street “entertainers”, mostly gypsies, walking with bear cubs or monkeys on a leash. They played an instrument and the animals had been taught to perform tricks for the generous public to give them some coins. Those were eventually forbidden to practise their trade due to the animal rights protection policy adopted by the government. But back in those years, the crazy animal lover that I am, I walked up to one of those gypsies and reached out to touch his monkey. I was careful in case the monkey decided to bite the intruder, but all of a sudden she jumped on my shoulder, wrapped her arms around my neck and wouldn’t let go. The man started walking without turning around, so I had to follow him with the monkey holding tight to my neck until everyone around started laughing. Then I could clearly and unmistakably sense how tired and fed up the poor thing was. I will never forget the skinny little body covered in coarse grey hair clinging desperately to me as if in an attempt to seek rescue from her uncouth master.

    • What an amazing story Shiona. I can quite picture it. Poor little animal; I am very glad this sort of thing has been stopped now in mnay parts of the world.
      You and I are maybe very similar in this(and other respects). I have dreams where I hold out my hand for birds to come and perch upon me and they do; sadly, in real life, this doesn’t happen(yet) but quite often wild animals come much closer than I think is normal.
      Can you feel your own energy field? There’s a technique I showed J when he came to stay last which is very useful; you warm your hands first by rubbing them together and when the tingling stops, you place your palms slowly together until they are almost touching and then slowly pull them apart. A sensation begins to be felt, softly, and a feeling of resistance or attraction then begins. You can experiment with this until you become able to sense the changes in your own field and then if you work with another person, you can begin to sense theirs. I did a lot of work with a friend and colleague some years ago that is very powerful.
      Do you find other people’s dogs and cats won’t leave you alone??

      • No, I can’t feel my own energy field, but thank you for explaining that technique to me. I’ll try it out and I’ll practise it continuously until I’m able to feel it.

        Yes, you are right. Other people’s pets won’t leave me alone. Also stray dogs and sometimes cats follow me around very often. Dogs have always been either friendly or indifferent to me, but never hostile. I think they are capable of sensing that I will never harm them. 🙂

      • The other one to try is using living nettle plants. Their energy field is very strong indeed. Just don’t get stung!
        Animals are very good at sensing people’s intents and emotions.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I couldn’t help giggling at the image that formed in my mind of you being giving a bollocking by a Stoat!!!
    Maybe you should take me for a drive in the countryside when I see you at easter 😉

    • Hahaha!! Did you ever read one of the first posts I did called Weasel Words, where I ended up with wearing a live weasel as a bracelet? Wonderful!
      If the weather is good, we’ll have some good walks, so bring decent walking boots/shoes; you know I hate driving….but then N will drive. We’re only five minutes from a band of ancient woodland that takes us most of the way to the sea. I usually see something rather special every time, though I don’t promise stoats, weasels or any other mustelids. We do get seal and even porpoises and certain species of whale off shore too.

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