Secrets of The Universe (1)

I’ve sometimes got ideas, (often my best ideas) for stories from dreams. The dream world is the door to the unconscious and also to other levels of consciousness too. So since many people including myself  believe that they receive guidance and help from beyond human consciousness through dreams, it’s not surprising that so many breakthroughs and insights come through dreams. Inventions(the sewing machine, the light bulb), discoveries(the double helix nature of the DNA strand) inspirations (poetry, prose, even entire novels, such as Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde) religious enlightenment and even the location of treasure(the Swaffham peddlar) came through dreams.

Some years ago, the father of an acquaintance of mine started to have very powerful dreams where he felt he was being given important information for humanity. The problem was that as soon as he woke up, he simply couldn’t remember what he had been told in the dreams. Night after night, he dreamed such dreams and in the morning they were gone. He retained nothing beyond the impression that he had been told something of vital importance.

Frustrated and beginning to be distressed about this, he asked for advice and a close family friend told him that he ought to keep a notebook and pen by the bed and try to wake himself up out of these powerful dreams and immediately write down whatever he had understood.

Easier said than done. He sorted out notebook and pen, but waking himself up was so hard. Eventually he hit on the idea of having big glass of water before going to sleep so that the inevitable effects of that would cause his sleep to become lighter and then to wake.


The first night he woke but nothing had been dreamed.

Ditto the second night.

But on the third night, he woke after a marvellous dream, scribbled it down, staggered to the bathroom and back, plunging immediately into sleep again.

The next morning, it was time for the golden revelation. He’d shut the notebook up so he couldn’t glance at it and he brought it down to read out to his wife and son.

Long silence.

“What’s it say then, Dad?” asked the son.

Wordlessly, in fact speechless, the father handed his son the fateful notebook and hid his face in awe as the immortal words were read out:


So now you know.

19 thoughts on “Secrets of The Universe (1)

  1. turpentine is a cleanser , a renewal and so there is great truth here.
    too bad Billy Idol beat him to it: ITS A NICE DAY FOR A WHITE WEDDING.


  2. Sometimes, you can’t interpret dreams the way you want.

    I dreampt of having to wear the “proper” attire upon meeting a red-haired woman Tursday night for a major event.

    I packed a suit, nice shirt and tie on Tuesday and just took my time, awaiting the fateful day . I believed the dream would eventually come true.

    By Thursday at 10 pm, I got some doubts and threw in the towel, so to speak.

    Went with a friend to a hot sauna, took off all my clothes, entered the steam bath, being unable to see without my glasses and took my seat on a top room with five or six others inside.

    There was the dream girl. A 50-year-old red-haired Shaman dressed in the same clothes I had worn — my birthday suit. Clothing was optional in the sauna at Omega Institute, NY

    This loving lady provided a “healing” and it did not dawn on me until later that my dream had indeed come true.

    michael j


    • What a fab story!
      I have many times had dreams come true, in a totally literal sense where I saw things that did in fact happen or were happening to others half way across the world who were connected to me.
      But symbolism is a big part of dreams and the one that frustrates me the most, because learning to distinguish between what is “real” and what is symbolic is a lifetime’s journey.


  3. What a great story – I read it 4 times now, and still laughing. Showed my wife, she’s still laughing. Told my dog, and yes, she’s still laughing. Told the cats – you know how it goes.

    Then I told the house…


  4. Well! You know my reaction when you told me this story on the phone last night. It has stayed with me throughout the day which I have spent giggling to myself whenever it popped into my head. I am “waiting with eager anticipation for The Secrets of the Universe (2)”


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  6. That is hilarious! especially if you took it literally. I wonder how the man felt after seeing his “Most Important” message to humanity.

    On the other hand, Turpentine is got from Silver Fir trees(I think) which were sacred to the Celts, and was used to protect the the Mother and Baby during childbirth…So if I want to read a symbolism into this.. I would look at it as the Universe, getting ready to birth something new?


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