Double glazed

As some of you know, I am in the middle of having my home double glazed; not far to go now. Yesterday one of the windows to be done was that of my bedroom and this morning when I woke up I noticed something different. I could hardly hear the birds any more. In fact, I could hardly heard anything outside the house. I live in a fairly bustling little town and I live close to several schools as well as the sea and I’d got used to hearing the cries of gulls in the morning when I wake as well as the sparrows and so on.

I felt decidedly odd.

I will get used to it but it did make me think of the process I went through after the Hamish Fulton/stoat incident. I spent a good deal of time experimenting with my own energy field and especially with a process of self-protection from over-load. Sometimes called psychic self-defense (which is a lot more dramatic than it sounds) this is a process of setting the filters on one’s own energy field to certain levels. No filters and everything comes surging in; every impression, every nuance. Sometimes this corresponds with a condition called low latency inhibition(google it), which does the same for sensory(ie touch, sight, smell etc) input, and basically none of the normal human filters of experience work. Let your filters open wide and you’ll be flat on your back whimpering in a matter of hours, probably. It’s all too much. Go to the opposite extreme and shut it all down and it becomes like quadruple glazing: everything but the most blunt and brutal impressions and sensations is barred from your system.

Understanding that we are beings of energy as much as we are of matter is a vital one in the discovery of where we stand in the universe and finding the right balance and keeping it flexible is essential to staying healthy on every level. Some days I need to keep my filters wider than others; some days I need to shut down, don virtual armour and stride around oblivious of birdsong and the scent of flowers and the heartbeat of mice.

10 thoughts on “Double glazed

  1. I understand what you describe and could personally do with learning the process of setting the filters.
    I googled “Psychic self defence” and found some bits and pieces to get me started.


  2. I must admit that I know nothing of energy fields and such. All I know is bits and pieces of the inner shadow world of my complexes as well as that thin bit of self called ego, the conscious layer of self. Interesting, Viv.


    • What we know is always going to be far less than what we don’t know; the key is to remember that and keep learning and discovering. I used to be in a world where talk of energy fields was a much more common thing; doubtless you would have picked the same up had you been where I was.


  3. “Some days I need to keep my filters wider than others; some days I need to shut down, don virtual armour and stride around oblivious of birdsong and the scent of flowers and the heartbeat of mice.”

    I guess maybe you do have to do that.
    I cant do that . It makes me so sad to think of it.
    I think it makes me sad because we all do it at some level.


    • I think we have to, to stay sane, at some points. To be totally open is to be totally vulnerable. Sitting quietly in nature one may hear and see far more than when one is pounding the city streets. When I am in a city, I find I am exhausted beyond reason at the end of a day because I am still taking on too much.


      • I wouldn’t if it weren’t for work.
        When I first went to Paris 18 months ago, everyone told me I’d love it but they don’t really know me. The first time I felt happy, I was in the wilderness garden at the palace of Versailles, the royal home of the kings and queens of France before the revolution had heads rolling. It was raining so hard my baguette was dissolving in my hand as I ate it but I was smiling…. Paris is a city of immense contrasts. Hopefully I will be able to post some good pictures when I get back this time.


  4. I opened up at a” Lovefest” and stayed attuned to a high level of, I don’t know, goodness and compassion for a good 24 hours, then came crashing down as if I had a hang-over. Will post on it. But I think it might be similar to what you mentioned here. I got overloaded with love!

    never thought it could happen.

    michael j


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