Don’t speak to me

Don’t speak to me


Don’t speak to me.

Outside the sun may shine

But inside me darkness reigns

And it must rule unbroken.

Don’t talk to me.

It’s not what’s said,

It’s the saying of it

That breaks the alchemy

Of thought and image and emotion

Brewing and bubbling

And transforming the shadows

That play along my walls.

Big or small, I don’t want

To hear any words

But the ones in my head

Whispering beyond hearing

In the breath of the stones

And the voices of the unborn.

I don’t want comfort

I signed up for war.



12 thoughts on “Don’t speak to me

  1. Very nice writing. There is good balance here, precise use of words and a certain crispness not seen in a lot of contemporary writing. The message is perfectly well balanced by the last two lines. Bueno!

  2. This resonates with me so much. I know what it feels like when “outside the sun may shine but inside me darkness reigns”

    Big hugs


  3. I’ve been there and understand perfectly what you’re saying. Sometimes your own silence is all you want, without intrusion. Astutely summed up!

    Love Ange xx

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