It’s a little after one in the morning and my working day has begun.

I find this odd; I love being up when no one else is,

but I have had no sleep and I have a long day to come.

Hey ho…..

Listen to the music of the night…


9 thoughts on “1AM

  1. I love it too when I know whole the City is asleep and I can just listen to the night; I always thought if I were an animal in my past life, I must have been an owl 🙂
    Have a great work day Viv!

    • It’s rare for me to be up at that sort of time because I work during the day. I simply couldn’t get to sleep at all. But I was dead on my feet by the time I finally got to the hotel and fell into bed. I’d been on the go from 7am Wednesday to almost 1am Friday. I have had a couple of hours sleep but the phone rang and woke me so i am up now… I may go back to ebd in a while though!

  2. later today when you are so tired remember that “hey ho”:

    Blitzkreig Bop
    Hey Ho Lets Go
    Shoot em’ in the back now
    What they want, I don’t know
    They’re all reved up and ready to go

    Hey Ho, Lets Go
    Hey Ho, Lets Go
    Hey Ho, Lets Go
    Hey Ho, Lets Go

    Ramones Hey ho ,lets go

    • hey ho, there’s hairs in the bed
      hey ho, and they aren’t even mine
      hey ho, they’re not from a head
      hey ho, some people are swine!!!!

      • It would be even funnier if it weren’t true; I was faced with a choice of just ignoring it or going and waking staff to complain…. I was too tired so I just got on with things.
        I think I had horse for dinner too….

  3. The empathetic fool

    We’ve all had horse for dinner
    Few of us that know
    We’ve all had horse for dinner
    Some with a side of crow

    We’ve all been weak and weary
    Few of us wake dead
    We’ve all been weak and weary
    Some in a hairy bed

    I hope you can rest soon.

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