Snow on Easter Day

I wrote this poem a year or two back but apart from the fact that this Easter day there is sunshine, the sentiments hold true….

Snow on Easter Day


Snow on Easter Day:

Wet white feathers

Falling ceaselessly,

Vanishing into sodden earth;

Silent whispers of air

As each flake passes.

Fragrance surrounds me,

Orange blossom and musk.

The taste of bread and wine

Linger on my lips,

An odour of sanctity

A feeling of peace

Pervades the house

As we prepare lunch.

Ghosts of Easters past

Haunt but do not hurt us.

Today, we begin anew.

8 thoughts on “Snow on Easter Day

  1. Great poem Viv… I could feel the peace and tranquility with each word I read.
    “Ghosts of Easters past
    Haunt but do not hurt us.”
    I wish all of our memories from our past could be as pleasant as this; remembered but not wounding.
    Happy Easter 🙂


    • Thank you Lua.
      The context to this poem is that for many years my husband was a parish priest in English country parishes until just over 3 years ago when a combination of circumstances beyond his control obliged him to resign his parishes and find secular work(which is what brought us here) I never enjoyed being a clergy wife, and found it very hard to cope with, especially the expectations of my attending public worship. He’s still a priest and the last 3 years have been a long sabbatical, outside the walls of the church of England, finding a better way to be. We have celebrated festivals at home such as Easter, and Christmas.


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