Peas are bad for you….

I read a few science journals and this news just in: Peas are bad for you.

According to the researchers at the MIT unit for food science, it now seems that far from being a healthy green veg, peas are responsible for a lot of suffering and possible deaths. The gas produced by the gut breaking them down is reabsorbed and can poison your system steadily as it reacts with the natural acidity of the body, resulting in symptoms of first of all, bloating, then as the system fails to process it, digestive problems get steadily worse and are being linked with bowel cancer. All due to the humble pea.


Hands up. Who immediately thought, “I’ve always thought peas make me windy; now I know why!”


Hands up all of you who have already vowed never to eat another pea?

I lied.

As far as I am aware there is NO food science unit at MIT. Peas are perfectly OK to eat.

Blame the man at the computer shop today; it was his line that started it all. Since I got my new computer I have spent countless hours and have found myself in some discomfort and today I went in to see if there were something I might find to support my wrists as I type and thereby improve my posture. He told me that he had just the thing, and it was the very last one in the shop. He said he used to sell dozens of them, when the buzz word was RSI (repetitive strain injury) but now, only one left in the whole shop and that was dusty from 18 months waiting to be bought. I asked why. Surely the problem of RSI doesn’t magically vanish?

No, he told me, it doesn’t but it fades from public attention. The big thing now is privacy screens. He sells a lot of those now; everybody wants them because it’s been talked about endlessly.

“Bbaaaaaaaaa!” I said.

“Indeed!” he said and sold me both the wrist support and the mousepad with wrist support for a fiver and I left happy but mystified.

How many things do we buy because we are told we have a need for them that we wouldn’t have bought if someone hadn’t told us we needed them? Guilty as charged M’lud. I do it as much as anyone but I am usually savvy to the fact that I can resist; in the end it comes down to deciding whether I want what they want me to want or not. Adverstising works with this weakness in all of us, and makes millions. If someone tells you that you need something, and does so with authority, or if they tell you something is bad for you(again with authority) you don’t question it; we’re conditioned to accept it.

I love sheep but I don’t want to be one any more. How about you?




24 thoughts on “Peas are bad for you….

  1. I love my peas, am I ever glad to read your disclaimer!!!
    Well, I don’t love them, but know they’re good for fibre.
    There are many bandwagons, are there not? All celebrated (promoted?) by media. You must do your research and ask why…
    Good post!


    • I hace actually gone off pea lately, for some unknown reason, without reference to this. The guy at the computer shop was the one who came out with that line while I was expressing incredulity about the whole issue…
      One thing I do know is that if you are breastfeeding and you eat peas, it may give the baby colic ( recieved wisdom from many midwives) but I had a collicky baby anyway so have no idea what set her off.
      Why and other questions are so important.
      thanks Jenn!


  2. I am sick of the media and advertising industry constantly telling us about problems we never knew we had until they came along and told us and conveniently enough with just the right solution as long as we are willing to part with our money!!
    What’s next on the agenda I wonder? Risk of explosion due to excessive gas if we eat too many sprouts???


  3. I’m sick of the media too. I despise articles in tabloids telling you what is good and what is bad for you and how to preserve your skin unwrinkled with the help of cucumber peels. I do believe in herbs and natural medicines, but I also know from experience that some things work for me and some don’t. It is indeed for everyone to find out for themselves. Our body is such an ingenious creation. It tells us everything but we don’t know how to listen to it.


    • I bet Bulgaria has the equivalent to the Daily Mail, which tells fibs and lies on a daily basis.
      You can’t beat original research, word of mouth and common sense…


  4. Great Post, Viv:-)

    You had almost got me off peas forever!
    The point you made was excellent – Someone almost sold off a possible assignment to me…glad I didn’t fall for it.

    W. Regards,


    • I always try to cool off before a big purchase too; I once bought an amber necklace(it was a complicated reason why, but it was to celebrate a big milestone) for more money than was sensible. I went to the shop three times over three weeks, and on the third week, i went in and asked to see it. I went away for a coffee, came back and asked to try it on. I went away for another coffee and then came back and bought it. I figured that I could always sell it for more than I paid for it as it was underpriced for what it was(I had a friend who was an amber dealer and I got a good feel for what amber is worth) and the reason for buying it was very real, at the time even though it didn’t go as planned later. I am glad I did as it sent a strong message to my underpriveleged subconscious that I was worth it.
      I ought to post a photo of it, should I not???


  5. personally i love peas. And because i love them so much my body loves them too and does not revolt to any extreme ! BUT you have to have a special relationship with peas. Which I do so…… welllll. uhmmmmm. 😀


  6. Don’t knock the ‘you need:buy it’, we all depend on that to market our books! 🙂
    As for peas, a sprinkle of baking soda in the cooking water reduces the amount of gas released later – same for baked beans which are also very good for you. Enjoy!


  7. hahaha… I enjoy peas and don’t have a problem with them. My son, who recently turned vegan, has pea protein drinks so that he is getting a sufficiently balanced diet and although I was concerned when a tall, strapping chap like him who does a fairly physical job (he’s an actor, who punts tourists up and down the River Cam in Cambridge when he’s ‘resting’) he’s never looked so healthy.

    I’d be interested to know how you are getting on with the wrist rest – I swear by mine.


  8. I’m glad to say I’m not very sheepy. I wouldn’t call myself thrifty or a wise consumer either, I just hate shopping! Ha ha. I was ready to fact check you on the peas – love them raw out of the garden. A fun post.


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