Queen Bee

Yesterday was the first meeting for our beekeeping group and it was about opening the hive for the first time in the spring. We’re doing that with our hive later today but I shall post pics of ours later. The bigger bee with the red dot is the queen bee.

This is me in full beekeeping regalia!

more later….

13 thoughts on “Queen Bee

    • Not at all.
      Plus for what its worth, the workers can make a new queen in 16 days if they sense their old one is flagging so being queen is a dodgy business. The queen basically lays eggs till she dies. I don’t wanna be that!!!
      Anyway, when you come and stay I shall take you over to meet the bees and you can borrow a beesuit. That is, a suit like the one in the pic, not the sort that makes you look like a bee. But you can if you want to….


  1. Viv is the Queen Regnant! (I discovered the two kinds of Queens recently…and I’ve been pouncing upon every opportunity to use the terms – thanks for the opportunity, J!)

    The outfit is really nice…and the hat with the net does make it look regal.



    • I’m still learning, my husband is a great deal more confident.
      We didn’t find our queen when we opened our own hive up on Sunday but we know she’s there as there are eggs and grubs and lots of bees. I think that’s enough to know we have a queen still!
      Amazing, and exciting.


  2. Lovely bees – and you look fantastic in your bee keeping regalia! It is clearly your natural attire!

    For some reason it reminds me of Leonora Carrington’s “The Hearing Trumpet”, which I do believe you would love.


    • Thanks Rachael. They’re now at a farm in Somerleyton; the allotment option stymied by the absence of allotments in our area. *sigh*
      You must lend the book(?) when I see you next?


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