Untouchable Face

I don’t know about other writers but I often find I get a certain song with lyrics that strike me as powerful stuck in my mind when I write. It’s a kind of litmus test for the kind of prose I am working on at the time.

I’ve found this song curiously inspiring for a number of years. The emotions it paints with such feeling are at the heart of obsessive love. I’m working on something right now that this could be the theme tune for a central part of it.

Please be aware this song contains strong language. This song would turn the litmus paper bright vivid blood red….


11 thoughts on “Untouchable Face

  1. I just want to say, I understand. I don’t have answers but I’ve walked where you are walking, and my current blog is my promise that I will not think about “it” for 365 days. Of course, by saying I won’t think about it, and writing that I’m not thinking about it, I’m sort of thinking about it, but I’m also getting to the bottom of some things.

    That’s not an answer, it is my answer. Anyway, you are not alone.


    • 365, I understand where you are coming from but it’s currently not an issue for me(the point of the song) and I hope never has to be. It kind of chimed in with certain aspects of a novel(or rather a series of novels as I am working on the third of a trilogy) and gets me in the right frame of mind for that aspect of the story. I may well have been the subject of it, but as the song states, “Who am I? You can’t even tell me that!”
      Best of luck with it, I’ll be over to read!


  2. I’m sorry, I was not responding to the song (how rude of me!) but to something you wrote on another blog. Forgive me for jumping to conclusions. I am proud to see you are dealing with the situation and I wish health and peace and happiness upon you.




    • Ah it all makes sense now!!! I appreciate the explanation. I have seen you comment at Through a Jungian lens.
      I have been to your blog and I can see you have been to hell and back.
      take care,


  3. OMGoodness, I LOVE AniDiFranco. I had two CDS …. Pulse ( I believe ) and Little Plastic Castles. I still have one but it is all scratched up! ! Have you ever her She Says? I remember Untouchable Face. Now I will have to go find those CDS again. We really do seem to find eachother huh?


    • I never dared buy more Ani. We got Dilate and I saw the chance of addiction and stopped it dead in its tracks. Plus I didn’t get to play Untouchable face very often in the background as we lived until 3 or so years ago in a rectory/manse/vicarage….


      • Funny, Ani was introduced to me during a darker period in my life by Joe, a singer, songwriter( 10 years my junior) internet crush.

        Music has always been a powerful inspiration for me. Love all genre. I can relate to most anything.

        Ani tho is special! And perhaps not the best role model, reminds me where I was and how far I’ve come. 😀

        But love music. Even today, when I begin to feel all bottled up , all I have to do is go for a drive, blast the music, AND have a good cry. My music therapy.

        Hubby doesn’t think, cars, accessive speeds and teary eyes are a good combo.

        But I always come home feeling cleansed.

        Two of my favorites at moment are country western Need you Now, or You’ll think of me.


      • I don’t drive very often. I hate driivng with a passion. I don’t tend to go out or visit if I am in one of those spaces. I stay home and wait it out.
        Everything passes. This is a good thing, whether it’s enjoyable things or not, EVERYTHING passes. Nothing is forever in this world. Everything changes. I wrote a post ages back called Irridescence which summed up how I change constantly myself.
        glad you have a powerful outlet for feelings. If it works for you, use it.


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