Cross of nails

This is a favourite piece of jewellery, my cross of nails. It’s three silver nails twisted together to form a crucifix. I saw it at an exhibition some years ago and ordered it. I’ve worn it more than any other piece of jewellery since with the exception of my wedding ring.

Now, I am to part with it temporarily. The designer has found herself in a bit of a spot;  she no longer has the original to take casts from and mine is the only one traceable.

I’ve agreed to send it back to her but I already feel bereft. I don’t think any item of religious bling has ever spoken to me the way this did. It’ll only be for a few weeks and it means that the design will be available again to the wider world, which is a great thing.

But I will miss it greatly. It’s only a bit of silver but every time I put it on, it holds such power for me.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I expect to be attacked by vampires when it’s gone. It was just a part of my ready-for the world ritual every morning.

We all need a comfort blanket some times; this was mine.

Edit: just to add that it has no been sent and I have been in dialogue with the silversmith. She is in the process of setting up a website for her creations but in the meantime should anyone wish you order one, please write to:

Susan Bayliss: c/o Centrepoint Christian Centre, PO Box 2156, West Bromich, West Midlands, B70 6HA, United Kingdom.

I will put up a link to her website when it’s ready.

10 thoughts on “Cross of nails

  1. What an interesting design indeed. I’ve never seen anything like that before. And I find a lot of symbolism in it too.

    I’m fascinated with jewellery, but not necessarily expensive things. I especially fancy silver jewellery. I remember where and in what situation I bought each piece or who gave it to me as a gift. Once I found a ring which is most unusual.
    I also associate jewellery with memories and hopes and I wear different things on different occasions.

    I hope you will soon have your crucifix back. 🙂


    • I prefer silver myself, too.
      My wedding ring is a replacement for my original which is too small now to go over my fingers when they swell sometimes with arthritis; it’s a fairtrade silver one from Bali and has a design of Celtic knots on it which spins independently of the rest of the ring; endless entertainment when bored.
      I have a lot of bits and pieces, all of which have stories attached to them but I must take a pic of my charm bracelet which each piece has a story attached to it.
      I still have to bring myself to put it in the envelope and send it…..


  2. I do ALOT of silver and white gold ( because that is what hubby chose for my wedding set) . But one of my favorite all time pieces was a $1 souveneir at a gator farm. It mother of pearl with the look of tourquoise. I still don’t know what metal it was. All I know is that it didn’t turn my finger green. I was crushed when I found it in pieces at the bottom of my washing machine after years of wearing it.

    SO in a sense, I understand your loss.

    And it is lovely BTW, something I might wear myself. I love jewelry! Especially rare pieces.


    • I had a resin brooch that was a reproduction of a Roman brooch found at St ALban’s. I loved it even though it was worth nothing and was heartbroken when it snapped in three pieces and was unmendable.


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