Dreaming of an archetype?

I find that as the days get longer, my dreams become more vivid and baffling and filled with symbolism.

This morning, I dreamed a strange dream. At first I was in a city I ought to know as I’d lived there for three years but not one of the landmarks was familiar to me; within the dream I told myself that the passage of 23 years had wiped my memories. I was trying to keep up with a large group of people who were walking fast. I couldn’t see who was leading the group or where we were going and after a while I found myself lost. I went into a cafe and tried to sort out my belongings, which were in a small case, but I couldn’t find what I needed.

The dream shifted then and I found myself visiting a house I lived in seven years ago. I didn’t recognise features but I knew it was the house we lived at in Darkest Norfolk . It was empty of furniture and of people and as I walked through it, I became aware I was dreaming. This moment of being lucid within a dream is something quite common for me and no longer catapults me out of the dream. I walked through into the next room and found a structure that resembled an igloo in shape. I was surprised to find it there, not just because the snow is now gone from England but also, who would build such a thing in a house. The structure was dome shaped and seemed to be built out of grey ice or snow, but I had no sense of coldness. I walked round it to find the entrance but when I did, I saw that someone had filled it in.

  The doorway was blocked with fresh new snow, which was far more like the snow I experienced in February in Austria than English snow. It was soft and light and when I touched it, the whole barrier fell away like the ghosts of cold feathers and vanished. I walked in. The room inside was not like an igloo though the floor seemed to be covered with melting snow and towards the centre there seemed to be a sort of grating in the floor. Sitting over the grating was a figure I at first thought was my mother but soon realised it was not. I thought she was trying to light a fire and again I saw she was not. This ancient figure was sat crosslegged on the floor(she didn’t seem to be getting wet) and I saw that what she sat by was not a grate at all, though the meltwater was seeming to drain into it and vanish but instead it seemed to be a brass or gold plaque or inset.

I came closer and spoke to the old woman and she told me that the plaque was all that was left to commemorate the tribes of the earth and as I looked I saw that the plaque was actually made up on smaller shapes, that fitted together and each contained a symbol. I could see now they were made of worn and ancient gold and not brass as I first thought. I asked how many tribes were there, and I looked and perceived there were twelve symbols. I tried to see and remember the symbols(I was still lucid at this point) but I couldn’t. The images seemed to swirl and change as I looked at them; she told me then that I belonged to the last of those tribes and that she guarded the symbols.

Her hands were gnarled and curled round like the claws of an eagle as she sat and I woke feeling I had seen and experienced something of great moment and yet, now I do not even begin to understand what I saw.

20 thoughts on “Dreaming of an archetype?

  1. Wow Viv- your dream is so vivid and you portrayed it so well, I actually felt like I was in it! And I am thankful for that for I rarely dream or even if I do, I never remember them. I truly envy people who get to dream dreams like yours…


    • Would you like the dark side too, the nightmares that set me awake and shaking and then follow me around all day??
      I have always dreamed but I have also trained myself to remember them; it’s a long process and the equally challenging process of learning how to lucid dream is a very rewarding one.
      I also find I dream better during the lighter months of the year which leads me to wonder if I ought to have a nighligtt for during the winter….


      • Come, come, Vivien, Thou knowest that dream interpretation is not unto reading it from a book. The only way is “a deux”, step by step. If someone suggests an interpretation of a symbol that is not what thine Unconscious is trying to say, then the whole process goeth up a blind alley. We would need to start by thee offering what thou thinkest one of thy dream components might mean and proceed from there. The igloo could be so many things, for example, and until we establish the symbolic nature of the houses then we must stay away.


      • OK, have it your way.
        I find it curious that I should pick a house I left 7 years ago, but then seven is a magic number. Houses represent the soul or self, so the igloo is a house within a house. This could be a compartment within my self or perhaps more literal, a container for the a soul within the body.


      • Hmm, If you feel the house might be yourself, think of something dome shaped, grey and with fissures, folds, lines, which is inside yourself …..


      • That’s an interesting thought, the brain – or maybe that could signify the mind but either way, perhaps we should not continue online?


  2. my dreams have always been quite vivid in full of symbolism. Thankfully they are not a nightly occurance.

    Someday I’ll share my dairy cow dream. OR the dream I had of my ex after he died.

    I feel very blessed to be connected like this BUT it baffles me as much as it does others.

    Thanks for sharing.

    “We do seem to find eachother don’t we? ” 😀 To share a quote from a kindrid spirit many years ago.


    • We do indeed find each other Sherry.
      I write down dreams in a dream diary and some I record here, in the hope that other’s responses may guide me and them to a better understanding.
      Dreaming of the dead is always a puzzling one.


  3. Guess if there is any symbolism in my dreams, I fail to recognize it. Worse – I often don’t remember my dreams when I wake up:(

    Some dreams do leave a dark impression (I wake up with a dry mouth, and with my eyes stuck shut because I cried in the dream…) so I guess there’s more to dreams than I can fathom.

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post.



  4. Only you can tell what this dream means. And you may not realize it right away. Then, all of a sudden, pow! Something happens in our conscious hours that tie into the unconscious.

    Mayb when you start your new Religion, “Vivinism,”
    with the twelve lost tribes.
    michael j


  5. Hi Viv,

    Your dream reminds me of my meditations and feeling spirits around me, principaly one Indian Man called ” The One of many Feathers”, an Eagle man from an extinct tribe in Arkensas, usa. Last year, I had visions of him coming with other spirits who call themselves The Bird Tribe. They have purpose and meaning. They also showed me a bunch of symbols and this is how I ended writing a book last year.

    Thanks for sharing your dream, a very powerful one!

    Love & Light, Cathy


    • You are very welcome, Cathy.
      I had a dream that recurred a few times over the years where instead of the usual figure of Jesus on a crucifix I saw an eagle figure. It continues to puzzle me to this day.
      I was led to buy a feather in a shop in the Austrian town I stayed in during February; I asked if they knew what bird it was from and was told but didn’t recognise the German word till I could look it up and as I had suspected, it was an eagle feather. I use this now for smudging etc.


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