Plum Blossom Haiku

I may have caught Haikus again, but it seems a mild case this time: 

Plum blossom haiku


Wild plum tree blossoms

Shedding petals like white rain

Confetti on path



13 thoughts on “Plum Blossom Haiku

    • Thanks.
      I catch haikus a couple of times a year; this was a minor attack, only one.
      The plum trees in the first bit of ancient woodland are blooming like mad to make up for lost time.

  1. Greeting Mistress Scribe,

    I was ecstasised by this.

    Tell me, how many syllables are there in a haiku, or is it variable? If so, what are the rules for their construction, given that they proceed from inspiration?
    Thanking you in advance.


    • Haikus have a set number, five seven and then five again. The last line depends on whether you agree to confetti actually has three syllables. If not then an insertion of “My” before path sorts it. I argued fiercely with myself about this and lost several times. Technically they are also meant to be nature/season poems and have a sort of twist in the last line.
      Once you get the knack of the system it becomes hard to write any other way for a while, hence “catching” haikus.
      glad you liked it.

  2. I loved it too.

    In my hometown all plum, cherry and apple trees are already in full blossom. It’s so enlivening after the gloomy winter season.

  3. yep, I hope its not serious.
    I really like it and glad you honed in on something nice and light hearted like that.


    spring brings new pollen
    filling nasal passages
    haiku ahhh hiakoooooo

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