3 thoughts on “Black Flies…

  1. I really enjoyed that ,especially when they followed him into outer space.
    The worst bug for the survey crew in this part of the world is the yellow jacket (ground wasp). Not that one sting is that bad but you just never know when you will set them off . One time Weyland got stung on the lip and couldnt get his dentures out ,it was like the swelling had welded them in his mouth.
    I shouldnt have laughed.


    • I got stung twice at work by a wasp; would you believe one got into my jacket pocket and when I put my hand in, stung me twice on the tip of a finger! Seems like I have been stung there a lot of times by various things, including a bumble bee!
      I liked the underwater sequence best, with the little aqua lungs…..


      • I sure can believe it. They go up britches legs too ,thats all I’m saying about that. ha ha

        I got stung on the face and my lip swelled up huge.
        At a stop sign I poked it out even more. One old lady almost wrecked ,others stared on in disbelief barely able to suppress laughter long enough to make the turn.
        My son was nearly in tears taking it all in from the passenger seat.
        Chicken salad from chicken ……… well you know.

        thanks again


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