It’s barely a quarter to eleven in the morning here and I have decided the best thing I can do today is go back to bed. There are days when I wake and wish I hadn’t, wish I could just sleep the day away, wish the heavy feeling inside was just a cat sitting on my chest and can be pushed away to snooze somewhere else.

I’ve done all that absolutely HAD to be done today and while there’s plenty I still SHOULD do, maybe it can all wait till tomorrow or later today.

If I go back to bed and sleep awhile, maybe I can REBOOT my brain and wake feeling a little less hopeless and full of illogical despair and at least get through the rest of the day without resorting to…well, whatever I was thinking of doing while I was walking home from a futile visit to the office today. We’ll skim briskly over that cravass if you don’t mind…..

14 thoughts on “Reboot

  1. Thankyou for sharing this. I just happened to click on my “readomatic” out of curiosity…and there you were with “Reboot.” It made a difference for me as I head off to sleep, now almost 3am, knowing that there are other souls out there like me. May the blessings be… 🙂


  2. Oh Viv, I wish there was something I can do… I’ll be sending good thoughts and my prayers and I hope you’ll be feeling better soon!


  3. I did not have the option of going back to bed but I really wish I could have slept through the entire week. I may as well have stayed at home as I am barely functioning at work and all I can think of while I am there is retreating to the safety of home. All I can do is stay patient until it passes


  4. Viv,

    I feel this way often. don’t read e-mails. Let ’em pile up, until I get energized and in a better mood to show my “happy” face to the world.

    god forbid if i should let someone see the grouch I really am, the guy who is indecisive and unable to put two words togethr without making a mistake or hurting someone’s feelings or simply saying something that holds no interest to anyone.

    Got any room at the foot of you bed for someone good in getting into the fetal position?

    michael j


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