Moths to a flame(connections, chances and serendipity)

How did you get here? I mean, both in terms of HERE as in this blog and HERE as in this life. Please watch the youtube video below and return to this post:

I really enjoyed this little film, and found myself caught up in the story, but it made me think about a couple of things.

First, how did I get here? In the first instance of existence, I am here because my father knocked my mother down on a hockey pitch some time in the 50s, noticed each other(as you do when you collide) and things went from there. Here, as in my current geographical location, through a very complex series of events and near misses, and a million other Vivs in a million other locations in the multiverse went elsewhere. (If you meet one, can you ask her where I left my paperback copy of The Four Quartets; it seems to have fallen between universes…or behind the sofa or something? Thanks!)

But here on a blog? That’s down to stepping back from my previous activities and taking a break and seeing what filled the vaccuum. I found my way to the blog world almost by accident. I say “almost” because I don’t really believe in accidents; I believe more in synchronicity. How did I meet you, my various readers? Some I met through the blogs or websites of others, some I stumbled upon. Some stumbled upon me. However we met, I am truly grateful, because the odds AGAINST us meeting are much greater than the odds on meeting at all.

Like the letter eaten by a goat, so many things could so easily have gone astray. You might have followed a different link and ended somewhere else entirely. I know I met Mark through Stories without Words, which is now shutting down. Shiona I met through J…and so it goes on.

But the more I think about it, the more I feel that those who are meant to meet will meet, even if they miss each other several times on the way. My husband and I met through various circumstances, but neither of us had intended to be at the university we actually met at. If not then, somewhere else, a year or maybe more later.

Like moths to a flame in a dark wood, we are drawn to those who share our light and life and we will find each other.  Some day, if not today, then one day, we meet our kindred spirits and soul mates.

Thank you all.

12 thoughts on “Moths to a flame(connections, chances and serendipity)

  1. Hi Viv,

    I enjoyed the video very much.
    I’ve often thought about why I came into this world, why ME. My mom had two miscarriages before I was born and she wanted a child so much that she prayed day and night for me to be born safe and sound. It’s so weird…

    As for my blog, it was first a student of mine that gave me the link to her blog and I realized that was not a bad idea. It took me about half a year to make up my mind to register my own blog. Then it took me several months, if I’m not mistaken, to gather the courage to comment on others’ blogs. And then J introduced us to each other 🙂 Now I can hardly imagine my life without this little community here.


    • Me too. It’s been one of the most life affirming experiences I’ve had with the internet ever.
      I am so glad you’re here! One day we’ll meet in the flesh too, I am sure…


  2. Control. We like to think we are masters of our fate, in control of our destiny, when what we really need to do is get out of the way so that the universe can do its job with interconnectedness. Synchronicity, not coincidence.

    Liv Ulman narrated. Ain’t she great?



  3. You asked and I have to admit, I don’t know how I got here on your blog site. Accident? No, something that was and is supposed to be. How did I get “here” as a human? Well, first route (biological) was a serendipitous event between my mother and father; the second route was an act of grace. I have to admit that I didn’t watch the video – I rarely watch them as it takes so much focus and that is a rare commodity for me. It takes a lot simply to write my daily blog leaving little focus for other cyberspace stuff. The rest of my focus is spent on being as present as possible in my daily life – even then, I could be accused of being spaced out much of the time. LOL!


    • I seem to remember I happened upon yours and started to comment around the time you were thinking of shutting it down because no one seemed to comment…the rest is history!


  4. Hi Viv, me again…well how is this for a delayed response…lol! As always though, I believe everything happens for a reason. Since you last commented on my blog, I’ve been going through some very interesting insights! Last November, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I’ve been struggling somewhat with what this means to me, or more accurately, what I am accepting it to mean to me. Part of it is a huge relief; yet, another part of it is full of fear! It is still pretty new to me. I think perhaps in a lot of ways my writing may reflect a “higher me” coaching me along, guiding me into a higher purpose. I will never stop trying to reach for higher ground! One of the most powerful beliefs that I cherish is in the power of the “open heart!” Yes, there are days where I definately have my challenges! However, the voice in my heart continues to lead me to people like you. And for that I am very grateful!

    As for serendipity? Well I’ll let a pretty smart guy I know answer that: Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous – Albert Einstein

    I see you have been very busy writing since I was last here. Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do on my reading my friend! Thanks Viv for being you ☼


    • Hiya Randy,
      good to see you again. You have been through so hard times by the sound of it. I don’t believe that coincidence is merely that alone but often serves a purpose we don’t understand at the time. My recent picture(most recent post, Miracle at Mont St Michel) underlines this; I am still trying to fathom what this sign means for me.
      Meanwhile, you might like to have a peep at a new blog, and think about that from the point of view of what you’re working on in yourself right now. The wild sheep society is very new and would appreciate stories of escape from the domestic flock and into the wild.
      I suspect that as you get used to the diagnosis you may find other things about yourself fall itno place, but you are still the same person you always were. You just have a new understanding of certain aspects of yourself. I have sometimes suspected I have a form of bipolar but have never wanted a diagnosis because I didn’t wish to label myself with something that actually doesn’t cause me horrendous problems.
      Keep on climbing. I don’t know if you have noticed on my sidebar but I have a book, a novel up and ready for sale that I think you may well enjoy and find helpful. You speak about the power of the open heart; then this novel will speak to you. Enough of the sales, it’s good to have you back!
      best wishes,


  5. I, too, believe in serendipity. I think I found your blog through twitter, or maybe you found me…I can’t remember now. However it happened, I’m grateful for our meeting.

    How I came to be me, the me that I am, feels like destiny. I don’t know how, but I know it was so I would be ready for the soul mate I recently met by a chance encounter that came so near not happening at all. We have a life journey to make, although separate as always, we seem to have a common drive and motivation that will keep us alongside each other most if not all of the rest of the way. I hope it’s for the rest of it.

    Blogging started three years ago when I made a conscious decision to BE the writer. I figured it would help me feel more like one, lol, and it has. I’ve met a lot of people I consider friends even if we’ve never physically met. I value that unintended consequence maybe more than the original intent.

    What a good, thought-provoking post!


    • I think it was via Barb we met, Madison, but I can’t swear to that.
      Never sure about this destiny thing, really, but sometimes it does seem to have a hand in things.
      I’ll get back to you about the interview when work finishes and I have a clue about what I am doing.


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