I’m run off my feet at the moment so please excuse my slowness in answering comments etc.
Work is getting in the way of doing more enjoyable things like writing and blogging so I shall be quiet for a few days while I try and achieve some sort of balance.


8 thoughts on “M.I.A

  1. Hi Viv – I must apologise for my rare appearances here of late. I am finding it difficult to be more active since leaving Costa Rica. A definite lack of energy. I hope you find your energy soon.

    • I can imagine from your blog posts regarding the soul sapping cold and greyness where you are that energy is hard to come by.
      I’m running on empty this week myself!

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    • nice to be tagged, Barb, but like the awards thing, I prefer not to get involved. I’m not sure anyone would really be that interested in my answers!!!!

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