Newton’s Apple tree.

This one is specially for my friend Shafali. If you haven’t checked out her glorious blog on caricatures, I suggest you do so. They never fail to make me smile; she is very, very talented indeed:

The above post is about Sir Isaac Newton, man of many hats but mainly known for his discovery of the law of gravity. The story of the apple tree is so well known I won’t repeat it here. But the apple tree itself is long gone but its scions survive. My picture is of one such apple tree, found near the entrance to Cambridge botanical garden…but you still have to go in to see it.

It’s a tenuous link to a great man but I do my best with what I have….

12 thoughts on “Newton’s Apple tree.

      • The problem with me is I’ve never felt I’m good enough at anything, but this is so nice of you to say.


      • You are brilliant at a lot of things, Shiona. Languages are something you are clearly gifted at; you write in English in complex articulate structures about deep and complicated things and you do so with scarcely a single flaw that might easily be a typo. We’ve been friends for over a year and you have impressed me with your skills in many ways, but you are also gifted at friendship, which is a rare and precious gift.


  1. I don’t know what to say… I’m deeply touched.

    It is very important for me that people I think so high of appreciate my friendship. Thank you so much all three of you.


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