Just briefly…

…..I’ve been away.

The illusion of being here is down to the clever feature on WordPress that means you can schedule a post for any day.

I’ve been away since Monday and most of that has been either travelling or in Paris, and since a) the traffic was worse than anyone had ever seen and b) the temperature reaches 39 degrees C on Thursday and Friday, and c) I only got home mid afternoon today and have been averaging 5 hours sleep a night since Monday, I am sorry I have so many things I need to do and can’t do just yet, both here and at my other blog The Wild Sheep Society.

Frankly, I am dead on my feet and am off to bed shortly. I got into my interim hotel at 2.30 am this morning and got home at 3pm. Head is whirling, but I can barely type. I am working a long day tomorrow and all week. I shall try to sort things out in the next few days but bear with me.

If anyone has a clue why my Bee post can’t admit comments, please tell me. Its a mystery to me, but then my brain is literally fried.

Coming soon: Paris catacombs (The Empire of the Dead,) the Musee D’Orsay and the Impressionists, Paris con tricks, bathing feet by the Louvre pyramid, and a flying visit to Montmartre…not to mention a brush with the red light district.

Stay tuned folks while I cool my brain and my swollen ankles and get back to…………normal?  I don’t think so!

5 thoughts on “Just briefly…

    • Been out all day at work; collecting new students from the Eurostar. Train late, home late, just done tomorrow’s lesson plans…
      bed, now!


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