Feeling fragile

As if a puff of wind might blow me to pieces…


16 thoughts on “Feeling fragile

  1. God, that was my day yesterday, blowing up at my brother and cousin, walking out in huff 200 miles away from home cursing out those trying to get me to follow a way of life I have never been attracted to and have actually fought against.

    I wanted to end all ties and never feel such fragility ever again.

    Why is that family can bring out the worst in a person? They don’t really know you, but feel you automatically share their biases, hatreds and beliefs . . .

    Let me come to England where all harmonious and of one accord for peace and goodwill!

    michael j
    former colonial subject

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  3. So you can send beautiful things all over the place?
    Wait, you already did that and you are still there .

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