Mind Mountains

This one is for Shafali….I dreamed about mountains the other night and it made me remember this poem;

Mind Mountains

I can see mountains

Beyond the distant trees:

Monumental alps

Snow-capped and stark.

Twig and branch

And budding leaf

Obscure my view,

Soften and distort it.

The spring wind blows

And my mountains

Scud along briskly,

Vapourous and thin,

Mere horizon clouds.

But there is a world

Beyond the confines

Of my daily life,

Filled with wonders:

Mountain, lake and forest,

Desert, tundra and sea

Await my searching mind

Beyond my garden fence

And my limited thoughts.

11 thoughts on “Mind Mountains

  1. Thanks.

    This is how I’ve been seeing the mountains all these years. I don’t miss the desert, but I think about the mountains every day…



    • Nigel misses the North York moors the same way; he heaves a great sigh of relief and joy whenever we get back up there and see the hills for the first time. We used to live just beneath the moors, and walked the dog there every day in the forests that cloaked the hillsides.


  2. they always slip away.
    I love to be in a place where you cant tell for sure which mountain is a mountain.
    Do you remember “first there is a mountain then there is no mountain then there is” ? 🙂


  3. Beautiful and true… I’m doing a little research on royals writing in the 19th century and some of those poems deal with mountains as something to conquer, as something to aspire to, something that hinders and something we sometimes only make up… imprisonment and freedom and inspiration for the “birds in a golden cage”…


    • I think that being born into royalty must be one of the greatest tests of character, Judith. I can’t imagine why anyone would ever want it.
      My little town was due today to be visited by a wannabe princess: Katie Price. We went into town for some things only to discover a four-deep queue down the whole mainstreet, outside the bookshop where she was due to sign “her” new novel. People had begun queueing in the rain at 2am. I despair of humanity, I really do!


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