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this is a bloghop and I am probably doing it wrong!

edit: this is the original page:



9 thoughts on “hop

  1. There is no “wrong.” There is only learning. I think you may have zigged when you should have zagged.

    Being of high hopes and low tech, I don’t know how to steer you right, but Tessa I’m sure could suggest how to do this.

    Welcome to the bloghop. Visit my blog and perhaps you will like what you find. Have a great weekend, Roland

    • Hi Tessa, well thank God it wasn’t me being stupid.
      I followed the instructions several times and nothing worked.
      will edit the post now to include the original page!

    • I realised as I tried and failed to comment at your blog Tessa that I am an accidental participant in this hop as I don’t really write fantasy. I didn’t click to that when I followed the link from Barb’s so please feel freee to delete me as I think i am in the wrong place. I would have let you know but blogger often refuses to accept WordPress comments.

  2. glad I’m not the only one who made it wrong! Still TSBazelli has WordPress and could make it work! 😦 sigh
    Untechnological me

    • I think a quite a few wordpress users couldn’t. It depends partly on what template you use too, i think. I followed the instructions to the letter but nothing happened.
      I have had a lot of trouble commenting at blogger blogs; the two blog formats do not seem to be compatible.

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