I have been very quiet the last few days, on the blog front, and I may be still for some time. Until Wednesday I had been working on an article about being in the moment and about those who look on the bright side and how the two things are pretty much incompatible.

On Wednesday night by dog Holly, diagnosed almost a year ago with cancer, took a turn for the worst and refused her dinner. This is a bad sign in a sick pet. Since then she has been steadily declining. I am hoping and praying that she will pass away naturally but if she shows signs of pain, then she will get help from the vet.

For any Brightsiders reading, there is NO bright side of my dog dying. Yes, she has had a wonderful life and has been loved very much but right now, I can see nothing positive from her death. I’m being in the moment with this as much as I can and it hurts.

thank you for reading.