The Web of Life

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Look away now if you don’t like creepy crawlies;

I do have a bit of a thing about spiders. I find I have a connection with them for a lot of reasons. There are a number of posts on this blog about spiders, not to mention a poem, repeated below:

September spiders

September is the month of spiders:

Poised in their webs like living jewels,

Stranded in the bathtub like patient travellers

Waiting for a train on the London tube,

Hatching in their hundreds from silken bundles

Dispersing to the corners of every room.

Webs a problem? Spray them silver:

Claim they’re the latest in interior design.

Visit a therapist if you’re petrified of spiders:

September’s not a month for arachnophobes!


9 thoughts on “The Web of Life

  1. Weyland rides his scooter through the woods over to my house to work in the morning.
    I was pulling webs off of him today.

    It gets real old walking through the woods with your hands full eating spider webs but who cares the oppressive summer is on the way out!!!!!
    bring on the webs!!!!

    I have a huge wolf spider in my basement office.
    He is a free ranging pet 🙂

    spray them silver lol

    • Spider silk has the equivalent tensile strength of steel, or so I am told.
      And they recycle too; they eat their old webs and produce new.

  2. Me, I adore spiders too! We were counting them only yesterday as they nestled into both top corners of each conservatory window, mostly outside but some inside. Their webs are intricate yet strong; although the bee caught in one managed to extricate itself without my help (I don’t usually interfere but I would for a bee!)

  3. Viv, I am in wrong company here with you all. Don’t like spiders at all- regardless of architecture or tensile strength. 😦 . We have huge saucer sized ones here. The smaller spiders- I’m okay with them.

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