Contest results


Contest results

I’ve not been terribly well and so I apologise for taking my time to collate the results of my little contest. The entries were as follows:

Now, I am adding both Ian’s new blog and Karela Split to my blog roll(as long as they behave) but the promise was that the story I felt I would most have liked to have written myself would earn an extra reward…of me writing something, a blog post, a poem, a story for the winner.

So…drum rolls…please…..

I enjoyed all the stories very much indeed but the one I felt I most resonated with was Shafali’s… over to you. What would you like me to do for you?

4 thoughts on “Contest results

  1. Hi Viv,
    I am glad you liked my story.
    The fact that you liked my story the best is itself a reward for me.
    Regarding what I’d like you to do for me – Please regain your health soon.
    Warm Regards,


  2. It was a pleasure reading the three stories. I believe the contest is a very good idea and I hope you will keep it up so that one day I could take part too.


    • I am glad you enjoyed it and if I do repeat it at some time, I hope you feel ready to participate.
      There will be a later entry coming, from a friend who knows he missed the deadline but wants to send it anyway.


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