Heart on a chain


Heart on a chain (a prose poem)



I wear my heart upon a chain

and not upon my sleeve.

It hangs around my neck

and warms against my skin.

The silver’s wearing thin,

Base metal showing through.

In some light it looks like gold,

But don’t be fooled:

It’s made of sterner stuff.

The tarnished scrapes and scars

That cover its moonlight skin

Would have gouged all gold to nought.

Don’t be misled; it hides magic still

Deeper than a shiny golden core.

A tiny shake is all it needs

To draw the magic out,

Enchanting as faerie bells

As soft as baby’s lullaby,

A melodious chiming sound.

It might be made of worthless brass

Once the silver’s worn away

But the song it can sing

Might move a heart of stone to tears.




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