The Cave


The Cave


I am going into myself,

Into that dark safe place

Far back in the cold cave

Where the light doesn’t reach.


I am going into myself

Where no one can hurt me

Where no one can reach me

And no one knows I am here.


I am going into myself:

To nurse my grievous wounds,

To contemplate my navel,

And to salve my hurt pride.


I am going into myself,

Not to heal my soul

But to try to hear it

And find what I should do.


I am going into myself

Into that dark safe place

That light seldom touches.

I may be some time.


8 thoughts on “The Cave

  1. I wish I knew how to do that. When it happens, it’s usually unintentionally. When I try on purpose, I get distracted…

    Lovely poem!


    • I think I don’t choose to do it but I recognise when it’s happening and try less to resist the process.
      Sometimes I end up having a pity party, when I feel down, and that helps for a little while too.I intend to write about my recent mental spirals too soon.

  2. We all need time… remember that no matter how long you stay in this cave… no matter how blinded by dark you become… no matter what you face from within this place… all will be brighter when you emerge… if only for a moment while your eyes adjust… when you get that moment… if only for a second… reflect on how bright it all is compared to the darkness… then go out and forget this moment… perhaps even return to your cave… yet each and every time there will be that second… and each and every time it will last a moment longer than before… until you have learned that this cave has made you able to see the brightest of light… the most beautiful of moments…

    thank the cave which shelters your fears and pain… and take as long as you need

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