Music to lift the spirits

I’m feeling low and dreary but that’s my baseline setting, the default programme for me. You wouldn’t guess it if you met me, though.

I love music but unless I upgrade my wordpress account, I can’t share it here, but I can share youtube clips.

The following link is one of my favourite songs of all time and yes, I do know it’s in Italian. The words talk about wanting a house that is beautiful and full of joy and welcoming and where everyone has a place and no one is turned away.

I just like the way it makes me feel; the lyrics are a bonus. I concur with them. I’d like a house where all my friends, real and cyber ones, can come and be happy and peaceful and be full of joy. Until the day comes, there is always dreams and music.


3 thoughts on “Music to lift the spirits

  1. very nice.
    share some more of your favourites sometime.
    I am not officially blogging until a few more days but I wanted to say thanks for this 🙂


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