Terry Pratchett speaks…

I shall be writing an article soon about this most beloved of authors(whom I met a long time ago, a memory I cherish) but this article from the Guardian is a good background.

Warning: please have a hankie handy. Seriously. If this doesn’t move you, you may need a forklift truck or CPR.



2 thoughts on “Terry Pratchett speaks…

  1. Oh, dear. I need the fork truck if hankies are the criterion. I had a deep feeling and remembrance of being here a number of times before with ordinary non-celebrities with much less going for them than Terry. No fame, money, gratitude from delighted readers, a sense of some sort of achievement in their (I was going to say lives, but it was much more just – existence). But that is not to devalue Terry’s experience as an individual, or that of anybody who has got out their handkerchieves.
    He has voiced something that is happening everywhere and every day. I know and regret (in some circumstances) that I have become somewhat desensitised to true stories that are not about people I know privately as well as publicly. I guess that was a price I paid for being exposed to very sad (and, from the individuals’ points of view, almost pointless) day by day staring at the wall, alone. And I hadn’t the reserves to let those whom I didn’t know personally get to me, viz the “Diana phenomenon”.
    I think Terry has done a fantastic and valuable job by using his celebrity to speak for those ordinary folk. May he continue to be able so to do for many years. Thanks for posting that Viv. I will continue trying (carefully) to dismantle my de-fences (sic). Maybe I would be able to write if I could.

    • Ian, my mum is starting to go through this thing. My grandmother did and my aunt and my recently deceased great aunt did too. I have night terrors some times that it may be my fate too
      I grieve for him because he is a superb writer and a lovely human being(and yes, I have actually met him and had a proper conversation with him) but also because he does speak for ordinary folk and has never considered himself a celeb. he’s also facing it with dignity and courage. I rarely get emotional about the misfortunes of the rich and famous, and was immune to Diana and all the other stuff, but perhaps it’s because he’s a writer(and I may have some claim to that title too) that is affects me. I know how this might make me feel in his shoes.
      Life is a sad mess at times. No one gets out alive.

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