Paris (again!)

This is just a little appetister…. an artist at work in the Place de Tertre in Montmartre.

I have to admit, I had some fairly serious concerns about this latest trip, based on the state of play in France currently, but the very worst thing that happened to us in our three days?? No ice cream at the kiosk at the end of Les Jardins des Tuilleries.

I am currenly almost brain dead as I got home just after 1am today and was up to teach this morning, so a more comprehensive post will have to wait.

But coming soon:

Montmartre and the artists’ square

Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame

Musee D’orsay revisted.

….and maybe more.

Watch this space

14 thoughts on “Paris (again!)

    • It is slowly growing on me. This was my third visit this year for work, and the best so far.
      Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! There’ll be more pictures and stories in the next few days once I recover from 3 frenetic days of work.


    • I feel mildly guilty that this was my 5th trip to Paris and that it was never a place on my must-see list; just go because work sends me there. This latest trip was a super one in all respects and I am starting to feel some affection for the place now.
      The pics will be coming in dribs and drabs; the last few trips are also here somewhere in the archives if you have a glance through July(I came back early July) and there’ll be photos of the Louvre and all sorts there.
      nice to see you again Madison; come back soon for the Paris photo-bonanza!


      • Viv, I just figured out how to see all the blogs I’m subscribed to, in one long list of shortcaps, lol. Okay, I’m a slow learner in some respects 😉 But now it’s easier for me to find you and visit more often. I’ll be back!


      • haha, yes, i know, but for some reason none of the blogs i subscribe to are coming to my mailbox anymore.

        so when i found the spot on wordpress that listed all my subscriptions, and the latest posts, i was thrilled.

        lol. nothing in my life works as it ‘theoretically’ should, it seems.


  1. Welcome back mon petit choux, did you find romance (the last word to be said a la Charles Aznavour). I note your misgivings but also that life in Paris looks as they didn’t know/care what was going on elsewhere. Philosophical, I guess. x


    • Thanks Ian, my dear. No, no romance, I left any thought of that at home with my beloved. Besides, I am by far the least romantic woman you will ever meet and am unswayed by such notions.
      We did go past the Moulin Rouge though….but as far as I am concerned a guy who thinks that buying me a bottle of chamapagne at a price you might buy an entire dinner elsewhere is going to get him ‘anywhere’ is probably far too stupid to be worth bothering with. A sensible guy would buy a decent bottle, a couple of glasses and some candles and set up a little tete a tete in one of the parks or on the banks of the Seine…and might get a passionate kiss or two in response for his good sense and originality and taste…
      Glad to be home, but I tell you something: when I pushed open my bedroom door at half past one in the morning yesterday, I really noticed Holly’s absence terribly. It’s the first trip I have done since she died.


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  3. Viv,

    Paris sounds wonderful. I love that city — though of course, as Dorothy Gail says, “There’s no place like home.”

    Here in Oklahoma, the skies are falling asleep, all aglow with coral and sky blue swirls that even as I write, combine to form purple. It’s a lovely view outside my window, with the rusts and yellows of the trees in the foreground.

    Three days ago my Snowdrop bulbs arrived. I planted a dozen at my sister’s place and a dozen in my own back yard — and of course, I have you to thank. One of your early posts this year introduced them to me. And next year, when winter is still clinging to this land I love, I will have you to thank all over again as the Snowdrops rise up from their winter slumber.



    • I am delighted to know you have snowdrops to look forward to, Janell. I have planted many over the years in the gardens we have had, but none in this one. But the woods are full of them, so I can’t complain I have none. I have none at home but may buy a pot of them. That said, I dimly remember buying a pot and when they were finished, planting them somewhere in our small garden so I have that to look forward to.
      There is indeed no place like home and I am glad to be back.


    • I got a massive one when we stopped later at the hypermarket: two scoops, one of creme brulee flavour, the other coffee. It cost me 2,70 which was less than the other one.
      I also managed to pick up 6 bottles of wine for the price of four(came to 9, 60) and judging by the cabernet sauvignon we opened last night, I got a real bargain. You can’t tell till you try them, though.
      I still can’t believe that was the only less than perfect thing the whole 3 days.
      How’s you, Mark??


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