Sea, she



Sea, she


The sea calls me.

Some days I answer,

Worship at the threshold

Like an awed neophyte.

Other days I resist,

Turn around to woods,

Walk away, fingers in ears

Refuse to hear the siren sound.

I return, of course:

Sit on shingle, skim a stone,

Watch the ever-changing moods

Never the same from one day to the next:

Storms and smiles,

Shimmers and shades.

Natural born killer

Provider of plenty

Endless, mysterious,

Yet fluidly simple.

No wonder they refer

To oceans as She!


4 thoughts on “Sea, she

    • Probably are all feminine, Mark. In antiquity all the spirits of water(naiads) were depicted as female, though the gods of such things seemed to be either.
      I live in a community that used to rely on the sea for its living; I talk to the fishermen when I am out and I hear such stories. I guess I am lucky they talk to me, though, as an outsider.


    • I have two ancient woodlands between me and the sea shore, Madison. I walk through one first, along the beach, back up through the second and then return via the edge of the first in a six mile loop.
      heaven. I may be the luckiest woman around.


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