Girl, interrupted

I had a pretty awful weekend and not one I planned either. Early on Saturday morning I woke with very bad pain in my lower abdomen and after taking some tablets, I found I was becoming more unwell and realising that I was going to pass out, woke my husband up. I’m too tired to write much but as a result of the pain, my blood pressure dropped through the floor and I started to lose consciousness. The ambulance came and whisked me away, a lovely paramedic called Steve gave me morphine to try and deal with the pain.

I spent all weekend and yesterday in hospital, but without what I would call proper resolution for the problem. No scans but  those for life-or-death patients are available at that hospital during the weekend so I was kept in till Monday, and even then didn’t get one. There is something fundamentally wrong with a hospital that doesn’t get that people get sick and injured at weekends and make appropriate arrangements.

Hospital is not a good place for a sensitive spirit; noise and lights and constant lack of privacy are only a few of the things that make resting impossible, so I am very glad to get home to rest.

I have had some interesting thoughts, but am still to befuddled to put them down so it may be a week or two before I can write them.

18 thoughts on “Girl, interrupted

  1. I pray for the day, Viv, that someone will come up with a treatment for the cause of your pain, that won’t cause more problems than the pain does. Hope you’re feeling better very soon. xxx


    • I would disagree. I don’t hate modern medicine; anyone whose life has been saved by it several times would be ungrateful and foolish to dismiss it in any way. What is a problem is when a complex medical problem becomes further complicated by issues created by hospital management cock ups.
      There isn’t an easy solution because it’s a multi-facetted problem. I would say that doctors generally know a heck of a lot, about their own specialist field but NOT about everything and there are few who seem to have the humility to accept and admit they don’t know everything.
      thanks Barb, for the good wishes.


    • Thanks Brea. Improving steadily and have finally got some useful answers today, as well as the news that the hospital has basically messed up its entire system and I should have had a letter weeks back sorting out a date for surgery which would have prevented the whole crisis this weekend.
      Can you hear my teeth grinding with frustration??


  2. A hospital isn’t a place to get a good diagnosis, either! But weekends are the worst.
    They sent my dad home with undiagnosed urinary tract infection, as his dementia covered it all up.
    Best of health to you.


    • You are quite right, but I have better news with a promise of an op that should stop this happening again, for a while.
      Old people are at a greater risk in hospital anyway and it upset me how so many of the staff spoke to the elderly as if they were small and somewhat stupid children. The woman in the next bed to me was 97, slightly deaf but bright as a button and still walking(with a frame because of having been ill) and I felt for her.
      thanks Jenn.


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