Snapshot in Ice

I had a return of the severe pain on Saturday, much to my surprise. I didn’t pass out this time, and didn’t go to hospital but instead managed the pain at home. I’m feeling very tired and weak. I’m sure you probably know that the UK is unusually cold and snowy at the moment and I hope to write something about it soon. But the medication and the tiredness are not helpful for inspiration so I shall share a poem I have posted before. I hope to have something fresh for later in the week.

Snapshot in ice


The world is frozen,

Every web edged in ice,

Occupant huddled under leaf

Awaiting a thaw.

Seedheads, candied in frost,

Return to brief flowering,

Coated in fragile crystal

So dense it seems furry.

Ferns are turned to fossils,

Chrysanthemums to pom-poms.

Even the air is frozen,

Full of microscopic ice.

Foghorns call across the miles,

Invisible as owls in the night,

And the sea, oblivious,

Crashes softly on the shore.

12 thoughts on “Snapshot in Ice

  1. Lovely poem and picture, Viv. Captures the world outside well at the moment. Let’s hope there’s a thaw soon, beautiful as it is…and hope you feel better too.
    Karin x


  2. I’m filled with admiration at how strong and brave you are in pain, Viv. I wish you relief from the bottom of my heart.
    You’re in my thoughts.


  3. Oh, that poem is very evocative, just lovely. And now I’m hearing in my mind’s ear the lonely sound of foghorns.

    I hope you will feel better soon. Did they ever tell you what’s wrong? I’m sorry the meds aren’t helping.


  4. Hope that pain can be managed somehow, Viv so that you don’t have to keep experiencing it.

    We are having a real bite from winter this year as well. So much so that I couldn’t be bothered putting the snow flakes on my blog! Too much of the white stuff already! 🙂


    • I have put the flakes on mine because last year my old PC was too slow to do it.
      Yeah, I manage the pain fine usually, with a mixture of medicine and a TNS machine.
      I am off to France in the morning, for an overnighter to Lille, for work. I hope the snow doesn’t disrupt too much.
      Stay warm!!


    • Thank you so much, Janell. I’m ok, at the moment but I am going in for surgery on the 17th of December, which will hopefully sort out one problem anyway.


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