“It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”

Prayer is a simple thing, a holding of our thoughts and wishes like a handful of broken toys to the Eternal Father. It can be long and full of beautiful poetry or short and full of harsh, raw words. It can be in our daily acts of mercy and kindness, in our meetings with other souls. It can be in our  every breath and every word.

It can be as simple as lighting a single candle and pausing for a moment to reflect.

Light one for me today.


14 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Viv,

    Hope all is well with you dear friend.

    Having just learned of your surgery two days past, I’ll be late in my prayers; but since God lives outside of time….perhaps God will receive them anyway?

    My best to you for a speedy recovery. And thanks for the Advent message — it was lovely.


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