Homecoming #smallstone 2


Homecoming #small stone 2

Everything the same, yet joyfully unfamiliar. A few days away makes the place and the people more precious. The comforting scent of incense and freshly brewed coffee meet me as I walk in, my body tired and my mind frazzled from the last few days. Harsh memories slide away, the images of blood stains and of uniform blue bedspreads fade, and only the kindness of the nurses and the fellowship of other patients remain. I’m home.

4 thoughts on “Homecoming #smallstone 2

    • Thank you Shiona. It is funny to be home; I still feel unwell and in pain and am still waiting for some test results to estalbish clearly what and where the infection was.


    • It’s going to take time. The original operation was not a success and will need to be repeated. I am also not good at resting and doing nothing. I get restless and uneasy when faced by prolonged inaction. *sigh*


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